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Default Re: .ืบบื. The Evolutionists .ืบบื. Apply Now 2/10

Do you play Shoddy/PO/Wifi:
Username or FC:
Reason For Joining:
Do you have any other skills:
Previous Clan:
War battles W/L/D:
Experience with pokemon:

Also include in your form what trainer you would like from these sprites and also what pokemon to be with the trainer. Once you have been responded to by the Leader or Co-Leader of this forum you will then have a try out battle. Then the two leaders will discuss if you get into the clan or not. If you are declined we will tell you the reason for why you cant join and you can then apply again in 2 days time if you have fixed up the problem.

Battling Style: /100
Predicting: /50
Personality: /10
Activity: /25
Other Skills: /25

This is how we figure out if your in the clan or not. You need at least 150 Points to be considered into the clan. Although 180 points will get you straight into the clan and will be able to start with 5 ranking points due to your great try out battle and your joining form submission.

This is how we work out if you get in or not

Here is the various ranks you can achieve while you are in The Evolutionists Clan. Also the ways to be able to go up ranks.

How to get ranking ponts (RP)
1-3 RP=Create a banner for The evolutionists
5 RP=Winning against a member of this clan(only in tournaments)
3 RP=Posting everyday in the clan for a week
30 RP=Winning in a Clan War
1-15 RP=Donating to clan shop(unavailable at the moment)
5 RP=Recruiting a member

The Ranks

The Evolutionists
Can be obtained with 300 Ranking Points
Description: This is the highest rank in the Evolutionists. You are a very valuable member of this clan.
Award: 50 Shop Points

Third Evolution Master
Can be obtained with 200 Ranking Points
Description: This is the second highest rank. You should be proud of your efforts.
Award: 30 Shop Points

Second Evolution Master
Can be obtained with 125 Ranking Points
Description: This is the third highest rank. You have greats things ahead of you.
Award: 15 Shop Points

Single Evolution Master
Can be obtained with 50 Ranking Points
Description: This is the fourth highest rank. Your potential can be seen by anyone.
Award: 5 Shop Points

Can be obtained with 25 Ranking Points
Description: You are proving to be a worthy trainer.
Award: N/a

Can be obtained by joining and passing your try out battle.
Description: Everyone starts some were.
Award: N/a

Currently down, work in progress

Name: The hard road
Nickname: THR
Rank: Leader
Shoddy/PO/Wifi: PO
PO: username: The hard road
Win/Lose/Draw: 0/0/0

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