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Originally Posted by Ding-Dong View Post
Rule#1: No hack
Rule#2:respect rule 1

i will make it easy: I don't clone so best offer win and i don't have hacked pokemon.

i'am trading:

Shiny Misdreavus lvl 11

Shiny Totodile lvl 1( 1 offer on it)

Shiny Roserade lvl 25

Shiny Squirtle lvl 5 ( all ready trade)

Shiny Cyndaquil lvl 1 (allready trade

Shiny Dragonair lvl 32(allready trade)

Shiny Banette lvl 47

Shiny poliwag lvl 16 (allready trade)

Shiny Shroomish lvl 1

Shiny Togepi lvl 18(perfect iv) already trade)

Shiny infernape lvl 38 (2 offer on it)

Shiny Metang lvl 25 (all ready trade)

Shiny Gible lvl 32 (allready trade)

Shiny Blaziken lvl 44

Shiny Magmortar lvl 31(all ready trade)

Shiny Rhydon lvl 55(allready trade)

Shiny Horsea lvl 1(allready trade)

Shiny Shinx lvl 4

Shiny Yanmega lvl 41

Shiny Starly lvl 4

Shiny Anorith lvl 20(allready trade)

Shiny Omanyte lvl 20(allready trade)

Shiny Aerodactyl lvl 20(allready trade)

Legandary shiny

Shiny arceus is a event he got the classic rubbon( allready trade)

Ho oh lvl 72
(allready trade)

Shaymin lvl 100 (5 offer on it)

Most wanted shinies: Croagunk, Skorupi , Bronzor, Drifloon, Combee, Absol, eleckid and up, Anorith and up, Corphish and up, Carvanha and up, Seedot and up, Heracross and Pidgey

i'am trading on many site web fast fast

Send me a private message is more easy for me .

I Trade all my pokemon and i get all i need Thank for your help I got all pokemon in shiny. My shiny dex is complete: Sieng shinies: 493 catch shinies: 493 . Thank you all

I'am waiting for Black and white virsion !!

I don't trade anymore , Except a shiny jirachi i need 1 more for my brother(no clone)