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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
I got the guy like in the baneling song. Zero SCVs... My DT's did a a good job too. But then he sent a brand new Marine/Marauder ball at me while I tried to tech switch to kill his buildings.

And forgive my newbie inexperience with but I didn't even know you could send replays.

Well then he must have been looking in the sensor range pretty hard in the corner I put my DTs in they were pretty far from any missile turret or anything with vision.
You can manually see cloaked units because they give off a shimmer on the screen. You don't need sensor towers to see where they are; you just can't attack them without detection. Also, you don't actually know if the guy had a hidden expansion...

Replays are in your "My Documents" folder, after sifting through a bunch of stuff. The game automatically saves recent replays.
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