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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

As a zerg player, I'd recormend going hellions forcing me to get roaches.
Into banshees, forcing me to get hydras/queens.
Into Terran mech, which beats Roach Hydra.
don't bother with bio ball or biomech, it doesn't work, muta ling bling is way too powerful once youve learnt to pull it off.
Also try to 2 rax a zerg taking a greedy early expo, especially one who doesn't know how to defend it.
The type of person who cries how underpowered zerg are afterwards.

Is it possible to custom with people in differant continents? If so I'd be happy to train with anyone similar to my level, Im roughly plat. I train with diamonds/plats, and one masters, but i usually dont get too far with the diamonds and masters. Plat is a fair game.
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