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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
The new Pokemon game is geared for an older audience you know. And, as justinarose put it quite nicely, Pokemon is created by adults. Honestly, Pokemon isn't as big with the young kids now days as it was when we were young kids, so I think they are starting to realize that they should cater to slightly older audiences. If you notice, they are making everything seem to be older. The characters in all previous Pokemon games started out at the age of ten, but the new ones are fourteen.
The anime, in a nutshell, is getting worse. Not only is it becoming repetitive, but main characters are becoming disposable (Misty's been replaced with the female mascot of the generation and rumor has it Brock is being replaced in the 5th generation's anime)
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