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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

In defence of first generation AND 5th generation. Wait no, I can only defend 5th generation because the only thing I can say in defence of voltorb and grimer is that I personally like them. In defence of 5th generation they made this guy

the greatest cat pokemon yet in my opinion (meowth in a close second.) And the ice cream pokemon. Not my style but it is an attractor to people who like cute pokemon. My least favorite is probably the pony legendary. They did not make the greatest legendaries. The main two legendaries the legendary trio the robot bug are the only good ones. Victini is LIKEABLE but doesn't look legendary enough. Same with Meloetta. And in reply to some one saying that onix isn't based on an animal. YES IT IS it is a rock snake. A giant uber over sized rock snake.

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