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[I'm going to try for two 2000 character long chapters today. And if something is in [these], it's not part of the story.]

Chapter three- Eevee... Again?
"Hi mum, can you make me some toast? That is, after you cook Rover's little treat," I smiled casually. My mother, who was wearing a pink shawl and denim jeans, didn't trust me, nine-year-old Melissa Kerry, with the toaster because she thought it was 'dangerous'. She just wraps me up in cotton wool these days.
"Hi Melissa, of course I can make you some toast! But I have to make Rover's treat first. I can't stop making it halfway through. Why don't you play on your Gameboy while you wait for your toast?" she replied, smiling.

"Kay, I'll go play on my Gameboy," I said, running upstairs to retrieve my games console. It had Pokemon Blue in it from yesterday, as I had left it in the slot when I went to bed. Then I sat down on my quilt to play Pokemon Blue. I pushed the switch, and the screen lit up with the face of a blue turtle I knew so well, Squirtle. I pressed the start button, like the game told me to, but nothing happened. The screen just turned brown, and the Squirtle switched to another Pokemon. After a few seconds of staring at it, I noticed that it was the same creature from my dream; Eevee.

'What just happened?' I thought, since the phenomenon I had experienced hadn't happened before to me. But before I could even think a theory to explain my experience, I noticed, with the corner of my eye, that the pond in my neighbour's garden was rippling, and that there was a reflection-like image shimmering in the clear water. I gasped in amazement as I recognised each part of it; the brown body and ears, the fluffy tail and the beige collar. I only thoguht of one thing: an Eevee was near. But there was no Eevee in sight, and Eevees didn't exist in this world. So what was causing the reflection?
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