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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Originally Posted by smallz2011 View Post
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on an official Pokemon site in an interview where the question was raised that some of the new Pokemon look very similar to the older ones (ie. Magnemite and Clink). The answer to the question was that since this is a new region, there are new Pokemon, but they wanted to show more of an evolutionary type aspect to it. Not like Pokemon evolution like Charmander->Charmeleon->Charizard, but like Darwin's evolution. The area is different so the Pokemon that live there adapted differently. That's why the new buffalo Pokemon is not an evolution of Tauros. The idea is that they started out being the same, but adapted to their environment differently.

Look back at the other generations: Starly = Pidgey, Ralts = Abra, Wurmple = Weedle/Caterpie, do they not? Throughout the series that have had Pokemon that are similar to older ones. This one actually has some pretty nicely designed Pokemon, but at the same time it has some crappy ones. Even Pokemon in Generation I were similar, Jigglypuff and Clefairy, two pink blobs, nothing really special, just... blobs.

Maybe they did some research and realized that the buyers of their games like Dragons, so they made more? They are a company afterall, so marketing is important to them. What if they put out a game where all the Pokemon were just colored blobs? No one would buy it because it would suck. Appreciate the work they put into the new Pokemon, or don't buy the game.
Yes, well, it definitely seems like they are evolving to an older fanbase as well, considering they aren't trying to impressing more younger children, but yet more teen-aged children.

Also, people love legendaries, so I guess they should just release a ton of legendaries next, neh?
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