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Default Re: Alliecat's SHINEY RNG breeding shop

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
Kangaskhan female Lvl 1 Calm
^this for

Cherish Ball GameStop GAMESTP ID 02270 Jirachi with Liechi Berry and Classic Ribbon
I have an Impish ^ but I must admit when this came out I had a kloner klone for me and when I got it back it has the wrong date ( a whole year before the event date) it still unlocks the Pokewalker course for your HG/SS >this I know to be fact.

if this is ok let me know..

yup thats ok pm when you online and we'll work out a time to trade
Name: Allie
fc: 3952 3729 6323

Name: Allie
fc: 4169 3891 5729

come check out my trading shop....

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