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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides

How Neo Pikachu Does It: A Role Play Creation Tutorial Guide


Okay, so you know how art threads have tutorials? Well, this is a tutorial for how I make RPs. A lot of people have asked me how I do it, and a lot of people have always said the way I make RPs astounds them. Well, I’m not going to spend this entire thread with bragging (I don’t like it and I’m a really modest guy when it comes to compliments), but I will let you look in on some of the key elements that I use to go about making an RP. I’ll even use an idea I have and show you how it evolves into a full fledged RP.


Like ice cream? Well, that’s what I’m going to compare RP building to. If at any point of this explanation you feel hungry enough to go get some, go on ahead, I’ll wait.

Anyway, consider your RP “basis” to be that single scoop of ice cream that gets started off. So, you have a basic idea that you want to get started. The problem is, too many people get so into this basic idea that they grab a bunch of cups (start their sign up thread too early), slap one scoop of ice cream into it (present their idea), and pass it around (post it and hope for sign ups). Problem is, people want more. Maybe they’d like another scoop, or some hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, all that “extra” stuff that makes a sundae a sundae, and not just any old scoop of ice cream. The trick is to have your main idea, and then think outside of your idea to add in more ideas, and then find a way to apply those outside ideas to your main idea.

So think of it this way. This is a rough draft outline example, but you’ll see where I’m getting at:
  • Your starting scoop: A basic plot, situation, and setting. Main conflict may or may not be involved right off the bat, it depends.
  • A second scoop: A secondary conflict. Something else is going on that is separate from the main conflict involved.
  • A possible third scoop: If it looks like there’s room, a possible third conflict that presents itself. Just don’t make it go overboard if it seems like two may be enough.
  • Hot fudge: There’s something going on with the RPer characters. Either they have some kind of attribute, power, or something that makes them unique and different.
  • Whipped Cream: A supplemental setting situation that goes with one of the conflicts. It helps bring out the sundae, but normally you wouldn’t eat it alone, right? Let’s say this involves something with the environment, a possible disease, or some other kind of calamity that puts your characters under pressure.
  • Sprinkles: Again, another setting supplement. Something that you maybe didn’t cover in the “whipped cream” part.
  • Cherry: That “finisher” that isn’t necessary, but instead makes a good RP into a great RP and gives it that “complete” feeling.

The key issue is balance. You want your RP (or sundae) to have all the works, be interesting, and tasty, but you don’t want it to be a chaotic mess (throw in too much unneeded stuff) or be plain and boring (single scoop of vanilla, AKA same old boring thing). You also want your ideas to complement each other, and what I mean by that is you want them to work together within the storyline.

In an RP, characters need to have pressure put down upon them. Pressure could be in many forms, such as being expected to do a difficult task, escape from pursuers, deal with powerful enemies, prevent/evade natural disasters, avoid infectious diseases, and many, many other possible dangers and threats. You can get your ideas for the kinds of threats in an RP by watching inspiring movies that have action and adventure, playing action and adventure video games, listening to movie soundtracks, and many other inspiring media forms.

But your ideas have to complement each other within the setting. For example, you really shouldn’t have a medieval fantasy setting with swords, chivalry, dragons, and all that stuff and then have an alien invasion. I’m not saying it would be impossible to work it out, but generally, people would think it would be extremely odd that you’re grabbing stuff from the fantasy and sci-fi genres and expect them to work together. Its like ketchup and eggs. Some people actually really like it, but there’s quite a few who don’t. Since you’re trying to please the majority, let’s try something else.

So, I’m going to work out an RP from the very beginning. Even though how I get these ideas and the final outcome may or may not be up your alley in terms of interest, you’ll see the step by step process of how I do it.