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Default Re: READ FIRST: Graphic Art: Rules, Resources, and Help

SPRITE/PIXEL ART RULES by Anastasia-R & Gem N Ems with editing by Graceful_Suicune
Hey, it’s time to revamp the Sprite/Pixel Art rules for you, guys. So, let’s start off with basic rules.
Do not post --- Graphic art or Photography / Contest threads / Fan or Original art

NO THREAD HAS TO BE APPROVED ANY LONGER. So feel free to make sprite shops, galleries, comics, projects--no approval required.
General Spriter’s Showcase
Sprite Request Thread
Academy of Sprite/Pixel art
To have an art gallery, you need examples of your work (3 or more examples of your work). Not only that, but if you post a gallery, expect comments and constructive criticism. If you ask only for comments, please mention that. If you have less than 3 examples of sprite work, post at the General Spriter’s Showcase thread.

Region threads are not something in need of approval, but I want to point out some requirements that are needed. I’m annoyed with seeing region threads with just “Oh, here’s my region. I need some help. And here’s a long list of the Pokedex”.
  • Name of the region
  • Description of your Region or a story
  • A Pokedex with at least 5-10 examples of the pokemon in the region. Pokemon that was already created does NOT count. So, if Pikachu was part of your pokedex, it will not count as an example.
  • A Map of the region. If the map is in development, you can post it.

If you're planning on making a project, have some point to it. If you want to post a "Recolor project", you'll have many different examples. Provide requirements to the members.
Another note; hack projects are NOT ALLOWED. Do not make a "hack project" thread requesting for spriters. WE DON'T ALLOW HACK PROJECT THREADS!

Keep in mind that comics need to have a reasonable plot to keep it going, and you're advised to use sprites such as the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sprites or the Heart Gold and Soul Silver overworld sprites for overworld comics, and for effects such as blurring, try a free program such as GIMP. Paint is also effective to use, and another suggestion would be to already have at lease a single page of your comic done before you post the thread. That way you can get people interested; posting a thread without a single page is kind of pointless. xD Wait until you have at least one made, but having more is preferable.
Remember to keep language appropriate and rate your comic's maturity level accordingly. If there is inappropriate content, your comic will be subject to termination.

Art Theft

The stealing of art is a serious matter here at PE2K. Not only is it pathetic that someone has to take someone else's hard work just to have others think that they are "good" at art, but it is also reason enough to ban a member. Art theft will by no means be permitted here. If you are caught you will be:

First Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum
Second Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum for a longer period of time
Third Offense: You will be permanently banned from the forum

You have only 3 chances, if you blow them all then you're out.

Art thieves better think twice before even thinking about calling someone else's art their own.

What does Art Theft involve?

Art theft not only involves the direct stealing of someone's art, it also involves using their art in your artwork without their permission. Say if you wanted to use someone's fan art in your banner, but didn't have their permission. That is considered stealing their art. It is perfectly all right to use someone else's art as long as you give credit and have their permission.

Another form of art theft is taking someone else's art and editing it. For example, taking a sprite that someone created and then recoloring it, then calling it your own is against the rules. Of course, taking the general Pokemon Game Sprites is perfectly ok, but editing anything created by members, including fusions, is against the rules. This not only includes sprites, but banners, fan art, etc...
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