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Default Re: READ FIRST: Graphic Art: Rules, Resources, and Help

Sprite Guides and Tutorials II

So, a fellow pe2k member, Disco, suggested we needed a more updated resource thread. Alrighty, lets have a little fun here. ^..^


- We, as sprite/pixel artists need places to be linked to read tutorials, or link to a site with tons of sprites! So, if you have ANY sites in mind, please link so. Linking to galleries is kinda a no-no, since we can't STEAL other people's work. That's just not right. =[
- OH YES. TUTORIALS. Why tuts? We need them because there could be new sprite artists in need of help to making better sprites.
How do you make a tutorial? Here's a great tutorial, on making tutorials!
When you link a tutorial or make a tutorial, you need to state the following;
  • Your username (well, duh, we need to know it's by you)
  • What is the tutorial teaching us? ; (Ex; Recolors? Overworlds? Maps?)
  • Do you have any results to following the tutorial?; [sprites here, post 2]
Of course, the tutorial you link MUST be made by you. Make sure you stated all the steps out on the tutorial, and try to make is so that anyone can follow it. ^..^

Video Recording Tutorials
- Oooohhh, these are interesting. Alrighty, do you want to make tutorials by screen recording yourself? I'll totally allow it, but here's some stuff you need to do/fill out/know/ect
  • Video recording must be by you.
  • Make it so the viewers can see what your doing in what program so that they can sprite just like how you're doing.
  • If you'll be using a mic to talk in the video, I encourage you to speak clearly and so that the audience can understand and hear you.
  • Tells us the program you used, ect and what your tutorial is focused on.
Does the tutorials HAVE to be on making ONLY Pokemon pixel art?
- No! This is a mixed sprite art board, so, if it's non-related to Pokemon, sure, post it. =]
  • Don't Spam, Flame, ect.
  • All pe2k rules apply.
  • Keep the language at PG, please.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR POSTED TUTORIALS. We don't want 7 tutorials on how to recolors. O..o;; Be original, go crazy, have fun, but try to make sure you're not reposting a style that has over 3 tuts.
  • We want sprite styles to have maybe LESS than 4 tutorials. Keep it to 2-3.
  • Don't steal.
  • Keep your resources and tutorials rated for a audience of kids, please.
  • Make sure you read the tutorial over, to avoid; Spelling errors, missing steps, ect.
  • We need to understand what you're talking about in the tutorial/video tutorial. Otherwise, I'm not adding it to our lists of tuorials.
  • THIS IS NOT A SHOWCASE. Please, to share your results, post at The General Spriter's Showcase
  • If you have questions on tutorials or resources, you may post them. Any questions relating to Sprite/Pixel art in general, please post at The Spriting Discussion and Question thread.
  • Do not request here, request for sprites at the Sprite Request thread.
  • Have fun~
Rules will be updated when needed to. =D
Posting Resources
  • Site name:
  • Link:
  • Good use for?: (ex; Sprites, tutorials, ect)

Posting Tutorials
  • What's this tutorial all about?:
  • What Program is this for: (Ex; Most likely MS paint, but you can use other programs for sprites as well.)
  • Difficulty level?; (ex; Beginners, Amateurs, Experts)
  • Video Recording?: (If it's made by pages, then you can say no to this)
  • How many pages to this tutorial?:
  • Have any tips? ;

Great, now the next post will focus more on lists. ^..^; I hope you enjoy this project and learn a lot from it!

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