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Default Re: READ FIRST: Graphic Art: Rules, Resources, and Help

Resources (So far)

Anastasia's Suggestions;
  • Black/White Sprites - Pigman was kind enough to link us to Pokemon B/W sprite sheets. Make use of them!
  • The Spriter's Resource - It has many sprites for many Pokemon and non-Pokemon games! It also has a few tutorials.
  • RetroGameZone - Like The Spriter's Resource, it also has sprite. Not as much, but TSR, but it has some good sprite for less known games. It's one of TRS's affiliates.
  • Pokemon Sprite Generator - Need ideas for a new fusion? You should try out this cool generator then for some new ideas.
  • Pokemon Elite 2000 Sprites Page - Oh, yes, the pe2k sprite resource. You should also check that page for some sprites!
  • Sprite Database - Also another good places to find some sprites. It's one of TRS's affiliates.
  • MFGG - This resource is made more for sprites relating to Mario games. This is a non-Pokemon sprite resource. It's one of TRS's affiliates.
  • Trainer Overworld Sprite Base - Provided by Disco, these will serve as a base sprite for a trainer.
    Azumao's Sprite Resource Post - Read post to see what Azumao had in this post to share with us sprite artists!
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