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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Blood Red Edition : 8/15 /Recruiting

Originally Posted by Leki Fenrir View Post

Awwh, I like Riptor. He reminds me of Lizardman~

@Sam; Goodnight~ :3 Glad you got a nice phone call instead of ones of evil like I did today.

riptor is my savior in that game.. he does his job well
Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post
have a goodnight

lol i walked in on the tournament looking for you
I have no doubt in my mind i could've decimated that tournament.. it's doesn't have regular crap like quarter circles and such like street fighter... fireballs were hard as hell to pull off..they are like 3/8 circles at weird angles (riptors anyway..) his easiest combo was backcharge 2 seconds, forawrd strong punch triple weak punch... and that's a 3 hit combo..