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Default Re: G_R7ís Event Shop with 500 Events!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Hey, are you still looking for any dates for Entei and Raikou? I have them all and I'll have all of Suicune as well.
Also, are you going to be looking for all dates of the TRU (Ash's) Pikachu?
No to the Raikou but Yes to everything else. I need the Entei dated the 20th and all the Suicunes and ASH Pikachus still.

I have Events over 2 game carts so please just add both FCs to trade with me. That way, you canít be wrong!
Main Game with most Events: 4941 2808 5719
Other one with about 100 Events on it: 3051 4947 9950.