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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Blood Red Edition : 8/15 /Recruiting

Originally Posted by samtheguard View Post
Awh, evil phone calls? I'm sorry.
Yeah, it was nice to get a phone call like this. I had a friend call me for advice with his relationship and then we just sorta talked and it helped improve my mood. I have had fights with three of my very close friends in the past month and two of them happened in the past week and I was really stressed out and upset.

Good morning all :)

x3 Yeah, my mom kept calling me and yelling at me for not cleaning the kitchen - when I did. The bowl in the sink was hers.
But, what do I know? XD

@Knux; His stringed combos seem pretty awesome. x3 His name makes me keep thinking of Reptar though. So I keep snickering to myself.

Morning Shuckle~


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