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Default Serenity Suicune's Shiny Shop!

Hello! This WAS originally Ho-oh's Breeding and Shinies! But now it is Serenity Suicune's Shiny Shop! So, How about we get started???

My Wants:

ANY event
Any Good pokemon
Any Bad Pokemon


My Videos:
Serenity Suicune VS Dark Minusle:

NEW: SHINY Pokerus Ditto's! Free with any trade of 5 Pokemon!

ANYTHING Nicknamed! I hate Nick Names because the fact that MOST are stupid. If you CAN change the nick name, PLEASE do before TRADING! I also am NOT A BIG FAN of Japanese or anything not English.

UT = Untouched
T= Touched
OU= Over used
F= Female
M= Male
NN= Nick Named
NG= No Gender
PKRS= Pokerus[/SIZE][/COLOR]

I now EV train! I can ONLY train to Lvl 100. Just fill out this form:

In Game Name: (Ethan)
What stat: (Speed, Attack ETC)
When you want it (Date): Example: 1-27-11
How many pokemon: (2)
First Pokemon FREE!
/ =Or

EV Train 1 pokemon: One pokemon in return.
EV Train 2 Pokemon: One GOOD pokemon.
EV Train 3 Pokemon: Two GOOD Pokemon / 1 Shiny
EV train 4 pokemon: Three GOOD Pokemon / 2 GREAT Pokemon/ 1 GOOD Shinies/ 2 shinies
EV Train 5 Pokemon: Four GOOD Pokemon/ 2 GOOD Shiny/ 2 GREAT POKEMON/ 2 shinies
EV train 6 Pokemon: Five GOOD Pokemon/ 2 GREAT pokemon/ 2 GOOD SHINIES/ 1 GREAT shiny/ 3 SHINIES

Thank you!

What I HAVE:

Game Stop Entei PKRS
Game Stop Suicune
Game Stop Celebi



Cherrim F Lvl. 26 Magical Leaf Growth Leech Seed Sunny Day T
Cherubi M Lvl. 20 Growth Leech Seed Helping Hand Magical Leaf UT
Mudkip M Lvl. 5 Tackle Growl UT
Typhlosion M Lvl. 59 EruptionFocus Blast Blast Burn Earthquake OU
I am STILL catching legends and leveling up my pokemon in THIS GAME. Ask for any HEART GOLD legend and I SHOULD have it. By still playing this game, some pokemons Moves MAY change. Please be AWARE of this!
ALL Heart Gold Pokemon ARE ledgit


Meganium F Lvl. 100 SolarBeam Light Screen Body Slam Aromatherapy T
SHINY Gyrados M Lvl 42 Surf Strength Rain Dance Hydro Pump T
Eevee M lv 15 Tail Whip Tackle Helping Hand Sand Attack T
Jolteon M Lvl 57 Thunder Light Screen Double Kick Thunder Fang T
Charmeleon M lvl 23 Scratch Dragon Rage Ember Smoke Screen T
Cyndaquil F lvl 5 Tackle Leer Double-Edge Flamethrower T
Entei NG Lvl 49 Cut Fire Spin Stomp Flamethrower T
Raikou NG Lvl 49 Strength Quick Attack Spark Crunch T
Cyndaquil M lvl 6 Tackle Leer SmokeScreen T
Torchic M lvl 6 Scratch Growl T
Espeon M Lvl 53 Calm Mind Shadow Ball Psychic Future Sight T

Mudkip F Lvl 1 Tackle Growl Mud Bomb Blizzard UT
Torchic M Lvl 1 Scratch Growl Strength UT
Charmander M Lvl 1 Scratch Growl Fire Blast UT
Eevee M Lvl 1 Tail whip Tackle Helping Hand UT
Rotom NG Lvl 20 Thunder Shock Confuse Ray Uproar Leaf Storm UT
X2 Piplup M lvl 1 Pound Hydro Pump Surf WaterFall UT
Cresselia F Lvl 50 Mist Aurora Beam Future Sight Slash UT
Ho-oh NG Lvl 100 Sky Attack Fly Fire Blast Sacred Fire I haven't Touched it
Cyndaquil M lvl 1 Tackle Leer UT
Lugia NG Lvl 70 Aeroblast Punishment Ancient Power Safeguard UT
Treeko M lvl 1 Pound Leer SolarBeam Iron Tail UT
Totodile M Lvl 1 Leer Crunch Blizzard Surf UT
X4 Eevee M Lvl 1 Tail Whip Tackle Helping Hand UT
Entei NG Lvl 40 Roar Fire Spin Stomp Flame Thrower UT
Raikou NG lvl 40 Roar Quick Attack Spark Reflect UT
Mewtwo NG Lvl 50 Psych Up Miracle Eye Mist Psycho Cut UT
Groudon NG lvl 50 Slash Bulk Up Earthquake Fire Blast UT
Kyogre NG lvl 50 Body Slam Calm Mind Ice Beam Hydro Pump UT
Jirachi NG lvl 50 Zen Headbutt Double-Edge Gravity Healing Wish UT
Mespirit NG lvl 50 Confusion Lucky Chant Future Sight Charm UT
Azelf NG Lvl 50 Swift Uproar Future Sight Nast Plot UT
Phione NG lvl 50 BubbleBeam Acid Armor Whirlpool Water Pulse UT


SHINY Ho-oh Lvl. 100 Fire Blast Fly Sacred Fire Sky Attack JAPANESE OU
Celebi NG Lvl 100 Heal Bell Psychic Leaf Strom Healing Wish OU
Blissey F Lvl 100 Healing Wish Egg Bomb Double-Edge Sing OU
Rayquaza NG Lvl 95 Outrage Hyper Beam OU
Typhlosion M Lvl. 100 Double-Edge Lava Plume Flamethrower Eruption OU
Gale Of Darkness Lapras F Lvl 45 Hydro Pump Heal Bell Rain Dance Blizzard OU
Sceptile M Lvl 100 Focus Punch Earthquake Focus Blast Leaf Storm OU
Lugia NG Lvl 100 Rock Smash Hydro Pump Fly Aeroblast OU
Empoleon M Lvl 72 Hydro Pump Surf Drill Peck OU
Dragonite M Lvl 72 Dragon Rush Blizzard Outrage Thunder OU
Umbreon M Lvl 100 Moonlight Mean Look Confuse Ray Faint Attack OU
Eevee F Lvl 100 Trump Card Take Down Bite Baton Pass OU
Glaceon M Ice Fang Mirror Coat Icy Wind Blizzard OU
Linoone F lvl 40 Return OU
Sceptile M lvl 42 SolarBeam Leaf Blade Iron Tail Frenzy Plant OU
Charizard M lvl 40 Fire Blast Blast Burn Focus Blast Dragon Pulse OU
Feraligatr lvl 40 Crunch Blizzard Surf Hydro Cannon OU
Blaziken Lvl 41 Focus Blast Blaze Kick Strength Blast Burn OU
Swampert M Lvl 45 Mud Bomb Blizzard Muddy Water Hydro Cannon OU
Jolteon M lvl 100 Thunder Thunder Fang Discharge Double Kick OU
Milotic F Lvl 100 Hydro Pump Blizzard Ice Beam Surf OU
Charizard M Lvl 100 Flamethrower Fly Blast Burn Dragon Claw OU
Umbreon M lvl 53 Cut Iron Tail Shadow Ball Last Resort OU
Meganium F Lvl 89 Safeguard Aromatherapy Frenzy Plant SolarBeam OU
Feraligatr M Lvl 89 Blizzard Hydro Pump Hydro Cannon Superpower OU
Leafeon F Lvl 100 Giga Drain Leaf Blade GrassWhistle Synthesis OU
Altaria M lvl 74 Perish Song Dragon Breath Ice Beam Hyper Beam OU
Flareon M Lvl 100 Fire Fang Fire Blast Lava Plume Bite OU
Typhlosion M Lvl 100 Blast Burn Eruption Focus Blast Earthquake OU
Nidoking M lvl 58 Poison Jab HORN DRILL Toxic Spikes Mega Horn OU
Dragonite M lvl 77 Fire Blast Thunder Draco Meteor Blizzard OU
Ninetails F lvl 100 Fire Blast Dig Sleep Talk Hyper Beam OU
Altaria F lvl 100 Sky Attack Dragon Pulse Fly Perish Song OU
Leafeon F Lvl 72 SolarBeam GrassWhistle Last Resort Leaf Blade OU
Altaria F Lvl 73 Perish Song Dragon Pulse Fly Sky Attack OU
Jolteon M Lvl 69 Dig Shadow Ball Thunder Fang Strength OU
Togekiss M lvl 68 SolarBeam Fly Psychic Fire Blast OU
Vaporeon F Lvl 100 Hydro Pump Aurora Beam Brine Muddy Water OU
Lucario M Lvl 100 Focus Blast Force Palm Dragon Pulse Extreme Speed OU
Flareon M Lvl 54 Fire Blast Quick attack Bite Fire Fang OU
Typhlosion M lvl 72 Flamethrower Eruption Focus Blast Return OU
Tyranitar M Lvl 100 Blizzard Stone Edge Thunderbolt Earthquake OU
Houndoom M lvl 100 Sludge Bomb Return Fire Blast Flamethrower OU
Blissey F Lvl 100 SolarBeam Thunder Blizzard Sunny Day OU
Glaceon M lvl 52 Icy Wind Blizzard Ice Fang Ice Shard OU
Arcanine M lvl 10 Fire Blast Rock Climb SolarBeam Rock Smash OU
Salamence M Lvl 100 Double-Edge Dragon Claw Fire Blast Fly OU
Suicune NG lvl 72 Rock Climb Surf Mirror Coat Hydro Pump OU
Metagross NG lvl 100 Psychic Hyper Beam Meteor Mash Hammer Arm OU
Articuno Ng lvl 100 Sheer Cold Ice Beam Blizzard Roost OU
Zapdos NG Lvl 100 Extrasensory Baton Pass Metal Sound Thunderbolt OU
Moltres NG lvl 100 Flamethrower SolarBeam Sky Attack Heat Wave OU
Mew NG Lvl 100 Surf Fire Blast Psychic Fly OU
Raikou NG lvl 100 Crunch Hyper Beam Thunder Spark OU
Entei NG lvl 100 Lava Plume Flamethrower Eruption Solar Beam OU
Ho-oh NG lvl 100 Sky Attack Fire Blast Thunder Sacred Fire OU
Aggron M Lvl 43 Rock Smash Strength Rock Climb Surf OU
Kingdra F Lvl 59 Blizzard Draco Meteor Sur Hydro Pump OU
Suicune NG lvl 100 Blizzard Rock Climb Hydro Pump Waterfall OU
Latias F Lvl 100 Psychic Thunder Healing Wish Dragon Pulse OU
Deoxys NG lvl 100 Stealth Rock Psycho Boost Extreme Speed Psychic OU
Manaphy NG lvl 100 RAin Dance Aqua Ring Dive Surf OU
Darkrai NG Lvl 100 Hypnosis Dream Eater Nightmare Dark Void OU

***NOTE*** About 75% of these Pomemon Are Hacked***


Machop M lvl 26 Focus Blast Fire Blast Rock Smash Dig T
Luxio M lvl 27 Bite Thunder Return Spark T
Prinplup F Lvl 26 Stealth Rock Blizzard BubbleBeam Metal Claw T
Roselia F lvl 29 SolarBeam Cut Grass Knot Toxic T

ALL of these Pokemon Are Ledgit!

I Breed any of these Pokemon that CAN be bred. Ask me! I have Egg Hatching Services! Just ask me to hatch an Egg or SIX! Just fill out this form:

In Game Name:
How Many Egg(s):
When you want the egg(s) hatched:
When you want the Hatched Pokemon(s) Back:

It should look like this:


Togekiss M Lvl. 55 Fly Fire Blast Extrasensory SolarBeam OU PKRS
Kyogre Lvl 51 Aqua Ring Ice Beam WaterFall Water Spout PKRS
Chinchou F lvl 40 Bubblebeam Signal Beam Discharge Aqua Ring PKRS
Lugia Lvl 71 Aeroblast Fly Surf Hydro Pump
SHINY Gyrados F Lvl 52 Waterfall Dragon Pulse Avalanche Blizzard OU PKRS
Krabby M lvl 40 Protect Gullotine Slam Brine PKRS
Ho-oH Lvl 45 Extrasensory Brave Bird Fire Blast Sacred Fire PKRS

Note: I am TRYING to put Pokerus on EVERYONE of my pokemon.


NOTE: ALL shinies come with POKERUS
Some may not due to the fact that I haven't had pokerus long enough to spread it to EVERYONE. Sorry for the inconvenience

Azurill F lvl 42
Magmar M lvl 41
Larion F lvl 45
Geodude F lvl 16
Bellsprout M lvl 15
Larvitar M/F lvl 42
Duskull M lvl 38
Chimecho F lvl 46
Lunatone Lvl 46
Paras M lvl 16
Floatzel M lvl 44
Ursaring M lvl 50
Girafarig M lvl 40
Shinx M/F Lvl 43
Rattata M/F lvl 16
Smeargle F lvl 41
Zigzagoon F lvl 44
Pachirisu M lvl 43
Ditto(s) Lvl Varies
Misdreavus F lvl 17
Budew M lvl 47
Lickitung F lvl 16
Spearow M lvl 20
Pidgey(s) Lvl Varies
Electabuzz F lvl 41
Noctowl F lvl 20
Spinda F lvl 45
Nidoran F Lvl 17
Muk M lvl 42
Houndour F lvl 15
Murkrow(s) M/F Lvl Varies
Hoppip M lvl 22
Teddiursa M lvl 46
Ampharos F Lvl 30
Tauros M lvl 20
Growlithe M lvl 21
Honchkrow F lvl 17
Raticate M lvl 30
Nidoran M Lvl 12
Jigglypuff F lvl 16
Manectric M Lvl 45
Sentret M lvl 17
Mr. Mime NN "Mrs. Mime" F lvl 17
Hoothoot(s) M/F Lvl 3
Furret F lvl 37
Abra(s) M/F Lvl Varies
Pidgeotto M lvl 28
Milotic F lvl 56
Surskit F lvl 40
Farfetch'd M lvl 17
Grimer(s) M/F Lvls Varie
Stantler F lvl 15
Gligar lvl 24
Chinchou Lvl 40
Staryu Lvl Varies
Seel Lvl Varies
Krabby Lvl 40
Rhyhorn Lvl 17
Phanpy lv 20
Ralts Lvl 10-11 M/F
Seedot Lvl 5,7 M/F
Exeggcute M Lvl 18
Shroomish M Lvl 5
Minun F Lvl 3
Plusle M Lvl 2,3
Golduck F lvl 40
Makuhita M lvl 40
Absol F lvl Varies
Tailow F lvl 19
Numel F lvl 6
More shinies in other posts!

Use my Heart Gold Friend Code ALL shinies listed!!!!!!Thanks To Nintendo For Sprites!!! Ask me for moves or whatever. THESE SHINIES ARE 100% LEDGIT!!!

I now have Rare candy Level up, Level Up, Pokemon Drinks(Carbos, Protein ETC). I feed Rare candies to your pokemon for Rarecandy Level up. I train your pokemon Myself with Level Up, and I Jack up your pokemon's stats with Pokemon Drinks. I can do all three, Just one Or any Combo! Just ask! COST: First SIX Pokemon FREE! 1 pokemon: One pokemon in return. 2 pokemon: either 2 pokemon or 1 IV bred. 3 Pokemon: 3 pokemon/ shiny/ Iv bred pokemon/ Or EV pokemon. Team of 4: 1 shiny. Team of 5: 2 shinies or 1 EV'd. 6 Pokemon: 2 shinies or 1 EV AND IV bred. This is for ONE Feature, EXAMPLE: For Rare Candy Lvl up (RCLU) and Pokemon Drinks (Pkmn Drnks) for 2 Pokemon = 4 pokemon or 2 IV bred. There is no Level limit (100) I will do any level for the same cost!!! So from Lvl 1 to 100 is the same cost as From Lvl 1 to Lvl 2!!!! Thank you!!!
Heart Gold:
IGN: Serenity

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