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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: Western Horizon
RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon and Western
Opening Plot and Exposition:

"The frontier. A massive and wild expanse of wild beauty and danger. Since the beginning of time it has been man's duty and his right to expand into and to tame the frontier to make it his own. The sun sets in the west for a reason, beckoning all the brave souls of the Earth to follow it and to accept the challenge. Those who brave the wilderness and conquer the frontier will be rewarded with riches unimaginable, but the faint of heart and mind will be met with nothing but strife, disease, and death. Wild beasts known as Pokemon roam these lands, both a benefit and a hazard. You must eat or be eaten, and human dominance must be established over nature. Those who are brave will learn to use them, to control them. Those who do not will be ripped to pieces. You must fear other people as well. Rogues, bandits, and thieves will rob anything from those unprepared to defend their goods, and the natives don't take kindly to intruders on what they perceive to be their property. These are the threats to expansion, and it man's duty to bring order to this orderless land.

The call varies for many. Some yearn for a simple life working the land, using the vast expanse for herding and farming. Some yearn for riches, attracted by the rumors of gold and silver found here. Some want to establish towns and cities, to slowly turn this section of the world into a civilized place. And some come for the golden sunsets, the songs of the Kricketot in the night, and the challenge of wilderness survival.

This land will change. It is the will of the masses to make this land our own, to spread rail and road over it and to eventually cover it. The masses will follow as the fates call them West, and this land will be ours. This calling will never cease, only grow as time goes on. Therefore, we must answer the call..."

Summary: The idea of this RP is to act out a "frontier" type story in which the people of "insert generic made-up continent here" have a similar Westward expansion like that of the U.S. in the 1800's. The map will start out pretty much as a giant expanse of forests, deserts, mountains, and other natural formations. A few native tribes will be spread amongst this terrain, and few Eastern "starting point" cities for pioneers will also be on the map. The RPers will basically begin to head West for their own motives, whether it be to become the greatest stagecoach thief alive or to strike gold.

Eventually these settlers will butt heads with the natives already there as well as the wrath of Mother Nature and will have to overcome these challenges to survive.

Different classes will be available to start, each with his own benefits. Natives for example gain a stat bonus (yes, this RP will be stat based) when fighting on undeveloped terrain(no roads or rails), rogues will be able to steal supplies from others, settlers will start out with more supplies and will have the ability to start settlements in the frontier, gold-diggers will be able to mine gold where it's available for a monetary bonus, sheriffs will have better weapons, Ponyta Riders will have 2 block movement in any direction instead of just one, and Pokemon Tamers will have a fire-breathing dragon or other creature for use as transportation and weapons, and Wanderers will have no bonus whatsoever but will be able to change their class to another permanently whenever it is beneficial to do so. One can also dual-class his character (with the exception of wanderers), resulting in unique combinations. Each will also have a unique starting inventory, but all will have the same amount of starting money. Each must start from a designated Eastern City, with the exception of Natives who will start on any tile with a Tribal Settlement.

Inspiration: Really just the idea of Manifest Destiny in general. I have never seen an RP cover this kind of subject, and I thought it would be a pretty cool Hybrid if we mixed Western lore with the Pokemon World. The genre in general was really dead until Red Dead Redemption came out to bring it back into the spotlight, and I really think we can create an awesome story out of this homage to the era of cowboys.

Where you need help: I need help making a varied terrain map which we can use for the RP, which needs to be divided up into square grid sections to mark locations and to make sure someone can't jump across the continent in three posts. Suggestions for more or better class-types as well as terrain types and effects would be nice too. Finally, we need a really cool banner with some Pokemon and Red Dead Redemption stuff thrown in.

EDITS: Rancher added as new class. Ranchers will create large farms with thousands of Tauros in their herds, large plantations, and etc.

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