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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G]-Looking for guest stars!

First, I would like to thank you for not just bashing on the flaws, you gave suggestions.

Now I noticed you mentioned a female main character, and 3 do appear. They come in around Shadow Town. I wanted to put them on the banner for it, but they didn't fit. I'm thinking about re-doing the banner and putting all the characters on it.

The house interior is very similar, which did bother me, but most of the houses do look the same on the inside in the games.

Yes, I do agree that they arrived too fast, and my computer has Tailow set in the dictionary, but not Taillow. I did just fix it. Yeah, they seemed too "nonchalant" about the amnesia, I didn't think of anything else, and CJ (who is based off my best friend) is just, nonchalant and cool about most things. As for the head injury, Anthony recieved his amnesia from the traumatic experience of losing Blast, and the S.S. Garyados being attacked. I plan to show the assault of the ship in a later issue.

Thanks for reading and responding! I'll be posting the next chapter in a few minutes! :D
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