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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Blood Red Edition : 8/15 /Recruiting

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
Typing up Chapter 6 of my story before going back and editing Chapter 4. Trying to get that Chapter out this weekend, really curious about the reactions I'm going to get for Chapter 5 in the reading community. Unfortunately, I think this chapter might be a hit or miss kind of chapter. People will either love it or just hate it. -Nervous-

Edit: @Knuckles: First, hi! :D Next, aw. That stinks. D: I always hate doing that! >_< (Making room for Wondercards, why not 5? Lol.) Hope the RNGing goes easily. =(
hello! i was sad the other day because i didn't have enough room and i didn't get a chance to RNG the mew i had sitting there.. sucked bad, but oh well..

Originally Posted by samtheguard View Post
I'm sure it'll go over fine. I'm gonna start reading I tomorrow probably, I've already started something tonight so I'll stick with it for now.

@Knuckles, hmm... Still sounds like a lot of work
Raikow will be the harder one to do.. entei i can just make flawless and its done.. suicune i can probably get by with a 0 speed