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Default Re: Gay/Les/Bi-Sexual/Straight

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I have read the Bible, I have attended Bible Study classes (just so I could prove the teachers wrong about so many things), they claim homos are evil and the Bible says so. They even gave us the passage.
Except that those people's interpretations are not theirs. They never had the opportunity to objectively look at the original text with the language in the correct context, and form their own interpretation of what it means. Frankly, unless you can read Hebrew and read the original Hebrew bible, neither did you. Few people have. Nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality explicitly condemned, except in one particular instance which is, as a point of fact, either a mistranslation or a translation lost to time (I'm unaware if the word "abomination" was ever actually equivalent to "teovah" during the evolution of Latin or English). The people teaching religious studies, as well as all the other Christians and Orthodox Jews who go on about this, are really just parroting what they're told (Muslims I'm going to give a pass on this one since their book isn't supposed to be studied in its translated form, is meant to be taken literally, and most likely says something different, of which I am not aware.)
98% of teens won't stand up for God. Repost this if you think that statistic is the most laughable thing ever.
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