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Default Re: Africa in deep turmoil.

First off, I'd like to point out that the thread title is rather misleading. This is, so far, taking place in North Africa, which aside from being on the same continent has very little in common with Sub-Saharan Africa.

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations
The main theory, which is most likely the correct one, is that the revolutionary thoughts will spread throughout Africa and into the Middle East and even into Asia.
I'd like to ask for your evidence that this is "most likely the correct" theory. No theory can possibly be correct thusfar, as it's only correct when the conditions are met. Until then, it can only be the most likely. Aside from that, I wonder why it could be said that this would possibly spread into Asia. Discounting North Korea and China, neither of which are likely to see any kind of Egypt-style rebellion any time soon (the Chinese people, from what I understand, are extremely content with the current government, and rightfully so despite the limitations of freedom considering the advancements they've made. Plus I doubt they've forgotten the lessons of Tiananmen Square. Meanwhile in North Korea you know you'll probably be shot if you look at a poster of Kim Jong the wrong way, so the odds of revolution are fairly low on that front /long paranthetical) I don't see any signs of the kind of oppressive, undemocratic regime that the people of North Africa are engaged in.
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