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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Guys, do NOT be afraid to ask more questions and request follow-up advice, that’s what this thread’s here for!

@ Tokyokit, Pokémon + Fantasy-based thing

The idea of mixing Pokémon with fantasy elements is a pretty good one, I’ve actually done it before but it can work nicely.

The plot… well, it seems a little chaotic, and the opening storyline seems a little unfinished. I think some of the questions you need to ask are who is fighting who, who is allying with who, and what are the motives of everyone involved. Not to mention, I would make it clear exactly what kinds of fantasy races and creatures are involved, not just assume every fantasy creature and race exist in this RP. Pick the ones that you think would be good, find a way to fit them into the scheme of the RP, and make sure they all have roles, motives, goals, and depth.

You’ve somewhat done this with the Vampires and the Shadows, but they need that depth factor that gives them clearly defined motives. What do the vampires have to gain by killing the humans, and what do the Shadows gain by making them their slaves? Are they trying to establish a permanent presence in the world of Pokémon? You might also want to answer who their leaders are, if they have some kind of ranking system, and give a brief highlight of what their plans seem to be, whether they consist of possibly setting up dark castles around the world and make a permanent stronghold, attempt to bring on some kind of eternal night to grant them additional power, or some other deeper motive than just wrecking the human race.

As for the dragons, the dust elves, and the fairies, they need more depth and more purpose to be in the RP’s storyline. That is, unless you’re just using them as a small handful examples of what could possibly be a large number of different fantasy creatures and races that have crossed over into the world of Pokémon. Even so, I would still highlight the most important ones, and which ones are having the most direct and most significant impact on the situation at hand. If it’s the dragons, give them more depth by going into their motives, their goals, what kinds of dragons are involved, and what their traits, powers, organization, personalities, histories, and cultures are like. You might also want to answer how they view the other significant races/creatures involved. For example, are the dragons allied with the Shadows and Vampires, are they neutral, or are they against them? Or is it a mix, where certain types of dragons are allied with them while others are against them (Its more interesting when opposing types of dragons fight each other, to be honest)?

Lastly, the time freeze and how these fantasy creatures and races crossed over. I understand you want to make the answer to that unknown so that the RPers have to investigate that and find out for themselves, but it would help if you gave them at least a few suspicions regarding how it happened, just so they have somewhere to begin and some kind of lead to follow, even if its meant to be wrong. For example, you could have a suspicion exist that it was some kind of magical portal that carried them to the world of Pokémon when really it might have been an artifact, or a spell of teleportation that was used once the first of these races had discovered this ripe new world to take over. As for the time freeze, that too could have different assumptions made for how it happened, such as an hourglass-like artifact being used to freeze time, or a particular named sorcerer being the reason for it, having his own motives for freezing time (possibly to stop the aging process, to keep things locked in eternal winter for leverage over living creatures, or something to that extent).

And finally, you need to get into how the RPers are going to be involved, what kinds of characters they’re going to create (will they be humans, or could they be these fantasy races also? And if so, which ones?), and what kind of impact they’ll be making on this RP. I would also try to find some kind of way to ensure Pokémon are also involved and aren’t just completely shut out. Maybe these races have taken an interest in them, are after their power, or may even be trying to recruit them for some other higher intention.

I say work on it some more, and maybe come back to me.

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