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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Ok, so I need some more lore/detail in the mix, and I will drop the RPG elements. Still though, I need a way of keeping people from travelling ALL THE WAY across the map in three posts. I was thinking mandatory stop landmarks/rest points would be good for travelers since A. It limits how far you can go within a day, and B. RPers could meet up at these spots and interact instead of having an entire RP be a "walking through the desert alone" thing.

Also, since the classes will now be roles, I need advice on which ones can stay and which ones can go. Gold-digger is the only one I'll protect since their important to the storyline, but everyone else is up for review, add, drop, combination, etc. If someone would give me advice on that, I would be happy.

Also, I do need a map. I hope a certain person named after a yellow mouse Pokemon combined with the Matrix dude would like to help me with that.
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