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Well, as far as making sure everybody has some sort of conflict to deal with every once in a while (My RP can't be ALL fighting, there have to be some calm "break" spots that involve travel and admiration of the land), my idea is to have bands of natives do this. Though there will be many tribes, only three will play a major role in the story. All these names come from the Swahili language (I wanted to do Navajo, but they don't have translation machines for that language).

The Amani Tribe: A relatively peaceful and friendly tribe, the Shanook are the smallest of the three main tribes and the safest. Though a few are weary of the settlers, the Shanook have learned that siding with them means protection and trade. Most Shanook act as guides to starting settlers, sharing their knowledge of the land with anyone who wants it for a price. Others trap wild animals for their pelts, which are exchanged at trading posts in exchange for food and weapons. Because of this relation, the Shanook are the best armed tribe, ironic due to their peaceful ways.

The Faragha Tribe: The largest tribe of the three, the Pactoca can be described as an isolationist tribe. Many of their people were killed off by introduced diseases during the first contact with settlers, and as a result most want nothing to do with the so called "cursed ones", though a few of the younger generations are more open to the intermingling of the the two groups. Pactoca live in a matriarchal society of hunters and gatherers who depend on the wandering herds and the wild berries for sustenance. They are considered a pest by many settlers since they cover much of the useful land and have no trade purpose at all.

The Roho Tribe: The Roho Tribe is a medium sized tribe and the most dangerous of the three. Known for their hatred of all settlers and any who side with them, the Roho Tribe has burnt settlements to the ground and slaughtered all those who live there, unleashing deadly vengeance upon those who would trod upon their sacred land. They are particularly hostile towards the Amani, who they see as traitors and suck-ups. Hated by most if not all settlers, it is rumored among some that the Roho tribe are descended from demons who escaped hell.

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