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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
@ ID Saraibre Ryu, The Zone

It definitely sounds like you’ve got something interesting started here. I’ll see if I can help.

First, with the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia having been damaged, it might be helpful to explain exactly how it happened, which is an interesting element of the RP that could definitely be used later to create some kind of antagonist force or entity. You might also want to ask if more souls might be damaged from this force in the future, how it’s being done, where it’s happening, and who is doing it. Again, its okay if you don’t want to spoil all of these details and leave it up to the discretion of the RPers themselves, but it would be helpful to give them some investigative leads. Not to mention, their characters shouldn’t be too aware of this OOC knowledge, but it could be something that the RPers are aware of as they allow their characters to uncover the potential mystery piece by piece.

The dimension becoming warped as a result of their hibernation is a pretty good crisis element, and the idea of Darkrai and Cresselia putting everyone in a state of slumber while this remedial process is underway is a pretty interesting idea. It seems realistic and would probably be something the legends of Pokémon would try to do. The fact that they didn’t get everyone and it causes a heretical uprising is a cool plot element. I would try to give the heretic faction some kind of name, since they’re definitely important to the storyline. But there’s some other questions to answer.

With this crisis at hand, what is going to be the heretic faction’s main goals, now that they believe Acreus and the others have pretty much left them for dead in a chaotic and warped reality? How are they currently organized, and what are they doing to survive? It could be that they’re trying to find a way to fix the problem without Arceus’s help, or they’re trying to fight the antagonist faction that caused this in the first place. You could even have it where if they manage to defeat the antagonist faction that caused the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia to be damaged in the first place, the “dark wounds” that were inflicted would become healed, and the four of them could perhaps return to establish order once again.

Your hypothetical situation could be something like this. Don’t mind the names, I just like giving things names. You definitely don’t need to stick with them if you don’t want to.

It could be that the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia were damaged by a faction called Black Vertigo. As an example, Black Vertigo could actually be a faction from the future, consisting of technologically enhanced humans, Pokémon, droids, and cyborgs with powerful armor, weapons, and technology. As a motive, we could also say that they came back to the current time period to alter the course of time for dark political reasons, to ensure their empire would never have to even fight their sworn enemy from the future (we’ll call them the Scarlet Lance, but they’re not that important for this storyline’s purpose, its just to establish motive and goals). In their attempt to do this, Black Vertigo used a dark technology called a Soul Spike, used to damage (but not destroy) the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia, knowing they’d have to go into hibernation as a result, giving them freedom to use their own technology to essentially hijack the course of time and alter it how they saw fit. Only once they were done would they allow these four legends to return, once they had ensured the Scarlet Lance would never come to exist due to erasing the enemy faction’s “origin points” of the past.

But, since everything is in chaos, we could say their plan didn’t work, and time and space is becoming scrambled because of it. However, even though Black Vertigo’s mission had met failure, they’re still trying to remedy the situation, but they need more time. At the same time, you have the Heretic Faction, who we’ll call the “Gray Brotherhood,” initially believing Arceus was responsible for the dimension scrambling. Along the way, you have the potential for a war to rage between Black Vertigo and the Gray Brotherhood as both of them stand to obstruct the goals of the other.

Since Black Vertigo has technology, cybernetics, and futuristic weaponry and armor that the Gray Brotherhood wouldn’t have, it might be a good idea to give the Gray Brotherhood some kind of special power they managed to obtain from some source, just to keep both sides having some kind of balance. Otherwise, the Gray Brotherhood would probably be toast against a faction of the future, especially since the Gray Brotherhood would have limited resources, while the Black Vertigo could probably call in reinforcements from the future. This is where you get to play around with some imagination, and let the Gray Brotherhood have some unique abilities.

As for these powers, you could say they might have gained them due to the nature of the distortions, and that special and beneficial changes happened to them because of it.

So in the end, you have this situation:

Black Vertigo
  • Attempt to complete the mission by destroying the Scarlet Lance’s “origin points.” That could include finding their future leader as a child, and assassinating him. Taking out the future commanders (we’ll go with two) could also be an objective to make sure no one continues the leader’s work in the future. It may also be possible that this leader and his/her commanders may be among those in slumber.
  • Keep the Gray Brotherhood away from their activities, and destroy them entirely if it becomes necessary.

Gray Brotherhood
  • In the beginning, they won’t know about Black Vertigo, but it should become apparent soon enough. Once they do, they need to figure out how they wounded the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia, and how a remedy could be applied.
  • Find a way to get rid of Black Vertigo and make sure its impossible for them to ever come back while trying to avoid the time and space distortions.

In closing, this is just ONE example of how you can take that plot’s basis and turn it into a working RP. With this, you could have RPers make characters for either the Gray Brotherhood and fight Black Vertigo as an entity of powerful NPCs, or even both, where you’ll have Black Vertigo RPers against Gray Brotherhood RPers, fighting in a realm where there are dangerous zones of time and space distortion that now make up the ravaged battlefield.

Or, you could even scrap this whole idea and go with a spiritual disaster instead, where the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia were wounded because a massive, spiritually cataclysmic event is on the verge of unfolding, and the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia are simply just the beginning of what may turn into a massive, soul-crushing disaster, turning it into a race against time to find out how it is all happening, and what the Heretic faction has to do to stop it before everyone’s spirit is crushed from the disaster. However, first they need to realize what exactly is happening, and that unlike what they thought before, Arceus hasn’t forsaken them, its something possibly even far worse than that!

Its definitely a good idea you can play around with.
I can't believe I forgot the heretics motives. *facepalms* That's what you get for writing at 1am.

Okay, so...I favor mysticism over tech type things as tech is not my forte. Unless you get into arcane tech then thats the best of both worlds and then I can wing it and use all four branches of science I unknowingly took in highschool.

Anyway, heretics motives would be to keep Arceus and the others in hibernation until they could reshape the world anew. They would be out to replace Arceus with something they had more control over. I'm thinking they would try to find a way to modify Genesect to become the new god of all.

Also of how Arceus' soul and the others were damaged. I'm thinking that the Type Plates in which Arceus uses to Multitype with were broken into three pieces [more or less] and it hit the other three, being close to being able to manipulate the fabrics of reality. The other Legendary Pokemon would have had a blow to them as well, lessening their abilities in some way. Their souls could slowly start to degrade on their own unless a human was willing to strain part of their own to keep one alive. Little tidbit of info there.

I like your Black Vertigo idea. I shall use the name. Seeing as if the Gray Brotherhood [using that too] did succeed in turning Genesect into 'Omnisect' it'd be a whole different world. They would do this by finding pieces of the previous type plates and synthesizing them together into an Omni Plate within Genesect. They would only need a small fragment of each plate to do so, leaving bits of the other plates for other use.

So these bits of the other plates could be fused into weapons or devices or armor that grant powers to the person wearing it or a special weapon with special powers to it. We could give these to Black Vertigo members, who use their special equipment to also protect themselves as they go back through time VIA Celebi's help [being the only time traveller awake, I know it's so Pokemon 4Ever but pX] from time strain. However, Black Vertigo members having travelled through time would of had to give up the gift of death [yes I said gift] and they would never age again, forever trapped in whatever time, age and such they left in. They can still be murdered but that's not really death coming o it's own, that's brought on a person. Hence why I said gift of death. I know it may confuse others so I'm gonna reword it. the sense of the main conflict...we could say that Black Vertigo screwed up their plans or were compromised by a spy/traitor, thus their tech helped put the legendary's into a full on hibernation. With the plates smashed, Arceus could have more than likely rebuilt them with Palkia but if they are already hurting from the loss of the plates, the tech issue just kicks them when they're down.

And I just realized I got the good guy bad guy bit of each faction mixed up...okay well hopefully you get what I meant >_<
I blame the Assassin's Creed nightmare I had last night. I don't even own the game. *shudders* with the plate fragments giving others powers and the ability to resist 'Zone Damage' we'll call it. Seeing as the Black Vertigo people would have given up the gift of death, they would be trapped out of the time flow forever. [Time Hollow bit yes] Anyone else from the present time could protect themselves from being taken out of the flow of time with the special plate equipment, but only for so long until they start to lose themselves out of time.

Hell maybe even the Scarlet Lance managed to follow the Black Vertigo into the present to try and help the Brotherhood wage a war or something.

Did I mention I love this thread?
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