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Default Re: NAfrica in deep turmoil.

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Excuse me while I laugh extremely hard.

All one needs is simple inspiration, to see it can be done, and it could spark.

Also, the Chinese are definitely not content with their government. They have been constantly going on strike because the government denies them better wages.
Er, take it from someone who's actually been to China, the majority of Chinese are fine with the government. Within the space of two generations most have gone from being hungry all day and freezing half to death in the winter to having computers and automobiles. Life is great compared to the past for most Chinese. The protesters are a small minority that gets played up by Western media, the vast majority of Chinese are fiercely nationalistic. They may not necessarily be pro-government, but they are pro-China, and most wouldn't dare to stage a rebellion when things are going so well.

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