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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

*is to lazy to quote*

I read that Genesect was a fossilized Pokemon brought back to life and then tampered with, with science, so it's like another Mewtwo only it's not cloning, it' more 'machine' based since it was given that freakin' gun on it's back. I'm thinking it would be easier to control than Mewtwo was.

Okay so...because it's now stuck in my head...I keep thinking of the Gray Brotherhood as the baddies [they make me think of the guys in the Temple of Shadows in Fable II and heretics, brotherhood just sounds better.] Scarlet Lance makes me think of a lance that turned it's colour because of massive bloodshed...just how it works out in my brain. I keep seeing Black Vertigo as the good guys, that's just how I understood it all the first time in my head. So it would be Grey B in the present trying to assemble the Omniplate and find Genesect, Black Vertigo from the future try to come and stop it from happening, Scarlet Lance also from the future attempts to stop BV, both get taken to the present after being split up along the way. Scarlet Lance finds the Grey B. they join their evil forces. Black Vertigo works in the unfamiliar present to try and save the world, such and such, away we go.

That pretty much sums up the problem bit that makes the whole RP what is.

Cause of the problem being that the plates of Arceus were shattered, thus leading to soul damage for all Legendary Pokemon [more apparent in Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina] then an unseen anomaly in space and time [the time machine from the future] caused the four previously mentioned Legendary's to fall into a hibernation state due to their damaged souls. The now weakened other legends try to set all of the world into a hibernate slumber. Some heretics think Arceus abandoned them to die and form the Grey Brotherhood to try and replace Arceus with a much more controllable 'god' in modifying Genesect, by fusing fragments of the previous type plates into an Omniplate and keeping Arceus and the others asleep. In the magnificent world of time skipping, in the future, Scarlet Lance and Black Vertigo are in conflict over the current, grim situation of the world. The world is tearing itself apart, things are in massive chaos. Black Vertigo makes a machine to try and go back in time to stop the key event in history to prevent 'Omnisect' from ever existing. A first attempt results in failure as they were compromised and thus they damaged things further. Black Vertigo being adamant on changing the past, searches for the Celebi's help. [Yes I'm saying more than one, another Pokemon 4Ever thing but again, pX] In return for taking them back into the past, Black Vertigo members must give up the gift of death and time and part of their soul to support another legendary [not really an important bit but even having a weakened legendary on your side would give Black Vertigo an even edge against Scarlet Lance and Grey B.]

Then Black Vertigo gets sent into the present, but not until having a fight with Scarlet Lance before that. They both get sent into the present, Black Vertigo left with just themselves and the Plate Gear they brought, and the legendary Pokemon that they are supporting in return for time travel.

Thus the RP starts.

Balancing between GB and SL versus BV:

Grey B. and SL
- Has tech supplied by Scarlet Lance to synthesize Omniplate, and knowledge of where some of the fragments are.
-Scarlet Lance has more knowledge of the present time because of 'owning' the history of the current time in the future.
-Scarlet Lance can use Grey B. as a cover to make sure their motives are met and founded. Can use knowledge of the future to convert others to their causeto strengthen their hold in the future.

Black Vertigo
-Removed from the presence of time, can move about Dimensia Zones without harm and protect others with Plate Gear
-Soul linked with a single legendary [not necessary of all Black Vertigo members but I see that people will wanna use them, obviously some are off limits]

I may add brain is getting lost in birthdayness right now...Finer details and such in the actual presentation will be much better than this. I'm thinking of going with arcane tech for Black Vertigo for the Plate gear, and advance straight tech for Grey B. and Scarlet Lance. I'm gonna limit a few of the same types per plate gear, [Ex: only 3 or so people can have a plate gear of the same type] and each person only gets one. Scarlet Lance and Black Vertigo get immediate access in the beginning, being from the future, Grey B. can get it eventually. Though black Vertigo can start out with one legendary Pokemon, if the legendary dies, so does it's owner/trainer/person.

I think I've got everything pretty much done, just the balancing thing and making both sides appealing.

Maybe we should just call it the “Pimp My RP, Neo Pikachu!” thread. :P
That made me LOL XD

Would be nice to see other people's ideas and thoughts on these RPs.
I love how Neo wrote 5-6 times what Sabbie did.
Yeah Kya...more constructive criticism than that. pX
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