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Default Re: Looking for a Generous Genetisist

Originally Posted by Zan Sabrefang View Post
I dunno why I'm altogether worried...
I don't enter official competitions or battle Via Wi-Fi.
It's just for EV training and fun.
I've never actually owned a Celebi and I missed the event where I could DL it.

Is there anything you're after Butt?
And I don't mind you keeping a copy.
I will check to see if I have it.
I might be able to get another Raikou for my Platinum and Diamond versions which I could trade away I guess.
The current Wi-Fi event one.
If you're in the the USA there is a Celebi event coming up at the end of the month!
If you're not, then wait for the end of the month, there will be an event Celebi coming out and I'll be cloning it for distribution!

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