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Default Looking for Deoxys, Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, Regigigas, Arceus and Shaymin

The ones I have to trade are:
Phione lvl 1 UT
Zapdos lvl 50 UT
Moltres lvl 50 UT
Articuno lvl 50 UT
Ho-oH lvl 70
Kyogre lvl 100
mewtwo lvl 100
Mewtwo lvl 70 UT
Rayquaza lvl 100
Kyogre lvl 46
Latias lvl 40 UT
Salamence lvl 50 Adamant nature
Flygon lvl 65
Lugia lvl 51
Entei lvl 40
Meganium lvl 50
Charizard lvl 73
Raikou lvl 44
Blaziken lvl 100
Dragonite lvl 57

All of them are legit =P and I dont mind if the ones you trade with me are hacked (I can even trade more than one of my mentioned pokemons for one of those)

Name: Tom
Soul Silver
FC:2923 5574 8666