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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by dualismlover View Post
Wow, I am actually surprised and very glad that a forum such as this came on. To me, it's a miracle in helping me create an RP. This the first RP I have ever created, so I hope it meets expectations from y'all (from Texas, sorry). I used NeoPikachu's RP creator guide for help plus some things from my history class .

RP Title: Don't quite know yet. Have something like "The Final Conspiracy" on mind.

RP Fandom Basis: Heavy emphasis on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, as well as anime references. I also used a lot of information from American History particularly the 1900s as well as lots of references to real-life cities. Also, I borrowed information off of government conspiracy theories, particularly Jessie Ventura's show on TruTv.

Opening Plot/Exposition:

The whole story takes place in a small country called Sententia (latin for decision) located between Hoenn and Johto, similar to where Alto Mare is located. Like the other MD series, this place is only inhabited by Pokemon, although Sententia won its isolation through fighting as well as radio technology shielding. Technology is relativity retro, like 1950/60-ish, but some cities are more advanced, others more primitive. The main distinguishing feature of Sententia is its cities, with a total of 18 of them in all. 17 of them are held as "representative cities" of each of the 17 Pokemon types, though this only refers to the majority of the Pokemon living there (for example a fire type can still live in the rock-type city, but he'll be pretty rare). The last city is the central government, which rules over the entire country.

The cities as shown are:

Halcitta (Dragon)- Based off San Francisco
Vi Clero (Electric)- Based off Los Angeles
Platina(Water)- Based off a combination of Miami and Honolulu
Celikon (Steel)- Based off New York
Zelape (Poison)- B.O. Seattle
Jus Livas (Dark)- B.O. Las Vegas
Amonter (Normal)- B.O. Philadelphia
Galapil (Flying)- B.O. Chicago
Fialem (Fire)- B.O. Phoenix, Arizona
Mawerk (Fighting)- B.O. Detroit
Daiesta (Ghost)- B.O. New Orleans
Lupenio (Ground)- B.O. San Antonio
Helberg (Bug)- B.O. Denver
Fertilgia (Grass)- B.O. Atlanta, Georgia
Strukote (Rock)- B.O. Indianapolis
Raidivan (Psychic)- B.O. Boston
Fryzert (Ice)- B.O. Anchorage, Alaska (sorry, no Sarah Palin here )
Kon Tis (The Government)- B.O. Washington D.C.

One blatant social problem though, is rampant racism. Although there is no direct segregation or Jim Crow laws, the Pokemon types have fallen into a sort of "hierarchy" of social stereotypes and prejudices. No one knows how it came into being, or why it was set up this way, but Pokemon still follow it to this day. With Normal being in the middle of the 17 types, the ones above are treated like upper-class citizens, normally better than the others. Below Normal though, are the types treated like "blacks" or other minorities of America during the 1900s. Lower types are denied jobs and shunned out of schools due to type, while the Upper Types bask in their privileges. However, not all Uppers are bad, and all Lowers good. Normals can go to either side, as they are the most common type in the country.

Listed here are the Types in order from Highest to Lowest:

Psychic- The rich elite/aristocrats. Regarded as the "smartest" type and many of them control much of the economy. Plus with their abilities they do lots of things like reading minds or levitating objects.
Ice- Treated like Psychic wannabes, but respected due to their rarity.
Dragon- The only type up here not because of wealth but because of morality. They are "wisest" types, and many are priests, teachers, mentors.
Electric- The celebrities, spokespersons, tv anchors, Electrics rule the media. Rich and famous, they set the trends. So far their usual "blond hair, blue eyes" look is hip.
Steel- Business people, innovative and inventive, they often are the ones who come up with new inventions or technology.
Flying- Respected for their flying ability. Many are postmen, carriers, messengers.
Water- Happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, Water-types are genuinely loved by most of the country. They make up most of the tourists.
Fire- Somewhat feared due to their powers, but respected due to their passion and creativity. Many artists are Fire-types with "burning passion", but also have short fuzes.
Normal- The average joes. They can be whatever they wish as they are neither high nor low.
Rock- The "westerners" of the country. They are backward compared to their cousin Steel types, and thus regarded as not very intelligent.
Grass- Regarded as farmers and hippies, Grass-types are regarded as even dumber than Rock types, who can only farm although they supply most of the food to the country.
Ground- Treated like the Indians of America. They have exotic customs, but are never really treated properly.
Dark- The gamblers/conmen of the country. The "bad boys" of the types, they are considered charming, suave, but at the same time out to get your money.
Ghost- Treated like weird people, like those of a Freak Show.
Bug- Similar to Ghosts, except regarded like aliens more than freaks.
Fighting- The Ghetto of the nation. Rude, uncultured, violent, with no morals, they are claimed only to exist just to fill the prisons.
Poison- Similar to the Untouchables of the Hindu Caste System, Pokemon go out of their way to avoid them, or make sure they get the worst jobs possible.

Rescue Teams are a key figure in the fabric of Sententia. Called upon like the militia, rescue teams are essentially the military of the nation, one to each major city. They serve their Guildmaster, who is given the same level of respect as a city mayor, and live in separate areas of the city not accessible to normal citizens. Calls for help and mission posters are given to the assigned building of the guild, and teams complete them as they arrive. As they complete missions, their rank rises and so does their level of respect in the country. For many Lower types, this is seen as their only hope to get some recognition in society, and for Upper types, it is a method to get famous.

As for the actual plot itself, I have managed to create a plot similar to usual RPGs. The story unfolds as the Guildmasters of the cities hold an emergency meeting in the Union Commercial building, the tallest skyscraper in the most advanced city in the country: Celikon. They were intending to talk about an incident of nearly getting spotted by humans coming from Hoenn to Johto. A few moments later, a human Boeing 747 crashes into the tower, completely demolishing it to the ground and throwing the entire population of Sententia into a state of panic and chaos. The bodies of the Guildmasters are never found, and Psychic officials state that overwhelming interference of the panicked people prevented them from finding the mental trail of the Guildmasters. The Government in Kon Tis quickly makes a statement that the country is under attack by humans, citing the weakness of their current president in allowing such a thing to happen. "This is what you get with democracy!" they claim, "Weakness and cowards! Only a strong government can keep us all safe!"

The real truth though is that the federal government, made up of representatives of the 17 cities, has several members who are actually corrupt. In a conspiracy, the corrupt members actually did it themselves. The officilas took advantage of a secret society of overly outspoken Lower Types, who were trying through demonstrations to win racial equality in the city. They then brainwashed them through false conspiracy theories into thinking that the Guildmasters were actually responsible for keeping the constant racial tension going on, and the government was actually trying to help. They blamed it on the forced "representative type" of each city, citing the "unusual coincidence" that the Guildmasters were each the same type as the city claimed to represent and never elected one of a different type (although in truth, this is mostly due to the fact that each representative element accurately describes the majority of the city's population). The corrupt officials went so far as to claim that violence was the only way to earn their freedom, by eliminating the Guildmasters themselves and reestablishing racial equality with the "representative element" tradition out of the way.

"If you can get rid of Guildmasters," the corrupt officials stated, "Then we assure you, the government will do all in its power to make sure all Pokemon will become equal, just as the Constitution has stated."

Now violent radicals, the Lower Type secret society hijacked human plane from the Johto Territory through a secret mission and set it off themselves with hope that the government would free all Lower types from their shackles of prejudice. The plan worked as intended and in the wake of terrified citizens, the government "humbly asked" the public for complete government control of the country in order to "fend off" the attackers. In reality, this is only a dark attempt to take advantage of the fear and paranoia of the citizens of Sententia.

And as for the good intentioned Lower Type radicals, the corrupt officials gave tapes of the meetings the secret society had to the good officials who were off Upper type, showing the "true cause" as to why the Guildmasters vanished. Unknowing that they were being used, the good officials exposed all the tapes to the public, enraging the citizens of the "treacherous n****r" Lower types and only furthering racial tension in the country. Electric-type reporters paraded around Lower Type cities, talking about the "Human sympathizers" and "traitors to their own country". And in public hysteria, the short-fuzed Fire-types of Fialem, and the powerful Psychic-types of Radivan created a blockade to the entire city of Zelape, the Poison-type city, since most of the radicals were Poison-types. The city now is starving with no more trade and imports of food or supplies. The moral Dragon-types in Halcitta opposed this, but no one listened to them.

But the corrupt officials struck once again. Seeing the opportunity of racial violence as a window to help seize power, the corrupt members manufactured a series of wild, false tapes that portrayed that the good officials were actually in fact, traitors themselves as well. The tapes showed the good officials, along with many Upper Types holding a meeting to actually brainwash the secret Lower Type society themselves that led up to the bombing of the Union Commercial Center, under the intent of making the public hate Lower-types even further. The false tapes claimed that the Upper types did it to "help preserve the pure races." The corrupt officials then showed this to the public, creating even more confusion amongst the people. Now the citizens don't know what to do, and who was right and who was wrong. Uppers and Lowers were against each other with more hatred than all previous generations combined.

But this was where the true plan of the corrupt officials of Kon Tis kicked into high gear. They made a statement saying that the Uppers and Lowers together had initiated the massive terrorist attack on the Guildmaster in order to leave the guilds leaderless, and brainwash the rescue teams in order to create military rule of the country. In the paranoia stricken cities of Sententia, the corrupt members began slowly take more and more control of the government. They went under the guise as being noble and righteous, and began to accuse any opponents to their regime of being traitors to get rid of them. Many mayors have been thrown into jail under "crimes against Sententia", as well as innocent civilians.

At the same time, the corrupt members have hired agents to go search for a hidden artifact said to give immense power to its owner, in essence a god-gem. With that in hand, the corrupt members could easily wrest power of the country and rule the land as they wish. even if the citizens found out of the corruption and foiled their plan A. The agents themselves don't know that they are working for corrupt governmental officials, only the fact that they seem to be doing the country a favor by helping the "noble officials" to find the artifact to help eliminate the traitors.

This artifact was lost many years ago, and is known only by its name in the stories, the "Manhattan", pronounced, "Man-hadn't". This artifact in reality is the very same device used by ancestors of Sententia to help gain freedom for their own country. A central orb made of enchanted crystal, surrounded by a disc of half-silver and half-gold, the artifact is decorated with 17 ancient symbols meant to symbolize the 17 Pokemon types. The crystal in the center is a carved replica of the Pokemon world, meant to symbolize a "World for all", but nowadays interpreted as "World domination". The exact function of "Manhattan" was to free Sententia from control of its colonizer country: Orre. With the ability to give one access to the moves of the Legendaries, with power tenfold, a Pokemon was said to have used it to call on the move Judgement of Arceus. It's sheer power later completely decimated Orre in a "mushroom cloud" and left it as the wasteland it is today. Fearing misuse of such a device, its creators attempted to destroy it, but later on decided to merely break it apart and hide the pieces, should Humans try and attack Sententia again. The artifact is currently hidden in four parts. One is the crystal orb, two are the broken halves of the surrounding disc, and the last part is actually the instruction manual to the "Manhattan" project. "Manhattan"'s creators hid the parts well, but left cryptic messages and clues in many famous artifacts (a la National Treasure style) so they could be found again in case in time of need once more.

The truly good members of the government though, have become aware of this plan with their own spy, and decide to secretly contact the now leaderless guilds for assistance with their plans. Since they know they cannot outright attack the corrupt members under fear for their own life, they decide to ask the Rescue team members to try find the artifact before the corrupt officials' agents do, or to try and expose the corrupt members to the public.

The player is given the choice to be either a corrupt official's agent or as a Rescue Team. Rescue Teams are tasked with the mission to either search for the artifact, or try and expose one of the corrupt officials to the public. Agents only have to search for the artifact, but at the same time avoid getting attacked by Rescue Teams who know the truth.

The adventure comes from the fact that the artifact is broken in to four pieces, and while each side knows what city they are located in, the exact location is unknown. Also, members of both sides will have to deal with the racial prejudice of the Sententia society. Even Upper Types will be disrespected in a Lower Type city. The species rank will also be used by the Corrupt official to try and accuse the Rescue Team if they try and expose them.

Inspiration: I mostly created this out of a desire to make a highly detailed and cultural society, with a large plot that could be influenced by more realistic social events rather than just "good guy vs. bad guy". Racism, corruption, conspiracy, double-crossing, the whole lot is in there. Also, I wanted to make an RP that would influence a players decisions on more than just being a good or bad guy. Type alone makes things far more complicated.

Where I need help: My friends have read this at school, and told me this is more of a plot of a novel, rather than an RP. They say it's too structured and like they have little room to "breathe" or be creative. I claimed not, saying that I just put a lot of detail in it, but now I am not too sure. My main problem seems to be making the RP, more playable. I planned out everything down from the cities, to the racism, to the plot, even going as far as to give the types social rankings and stereotypes. I wanted to create random announcements, said by city officials about the upcoming "Meeting", mentioned above, to act as sort of a deadline or an opportunity, with a city official meeting coming up on a certain date that would have the citizens try and give power over to government.

In all honesty, I don't know. I tried to make the plot detailed with a second story line option, plus the option of good and bad, but I think I did it in the wrong way. Suggestions and help would be much appreciated.

Thank you all for your help and comments, I really want to make this RP good.
Golly, things sure have gotten exciting here haven't they. Man, thanks to this thread, I've managed to edit much of my plot to something more ornate with a darker twist. Lots of political reasons behind it too.

But, I've managed to hit a major wall. My friends have walked up to me, asking about the Type racism evident in the above quote of my "RP". Then, my genius friend asks me quickly: "What about dual-type Pokemon?" Those with two types...

I went like all, "Oh, crap..."

I have a major question for you guys on this thread. Above on the quote thing is a chart that lists the "hierarchy" of Pokemon types in the isolated nation of Sententia. However, what would happen if there were those with two types, and they were radically different.

E.X.: Lucario: Fighting/Steel type. Steel is way up near the top, while Fighting is second-lowest. How would he fit in society?

On a second note, for all of you guys who might want to play this RP. Some of my friends have warned me that some people might be offended by several elements of this RP. Since most of the creations have had basis off of often controversial historical events and stereotypes, I was just wondering if any of you might get offended? I do not want to make anyone here angry, you guys are all very nice here on these threads.

I have just created my little "artifact" known as "Manhattan", that plays a major role in the RP. I threw a whole lot of political undertones and hints of genocide associated with the item. The "Manhattan" itself was actually based off the Atomic bomb, which held the same codename "Manhattan" while it was being created in the U.S. to be dropped on Japan.

The plot itself in the RP thing above might offend other people too. There is a pretty thin allusion to the 9/11 World Trade Center with the conspiracy theory that the government itself had planned it the whole time, and other asides to fanatical cults of "lower races" and the Nazi allusion of "Pure Race" of the Upper types, as well as relations to Communism of corrupt government leaders.

I know it sounds silly to be asking such a question, since this is merely just an RP, but I seriously am worried that someone might get offended by the material on this RP. I've heard stories about people getting banned for putting such stuff online. And I don't want that to happen here. Most other people like to put fantastical elements, or post-apocalyptic or things that are generally to "out-there" to get people mad. However, I threw in plenty of things to try and make my RP more realistic that can easily hit home with some people out there.

Do you think this material is too offensive?

(P.S. Constructive criticism of the RP is much appreciated as well.)
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