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Default Re: G_R7's Event Shop with 600+ Events!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
That's cool. I still need 2 though.

10 ANIV (American) ID 00010 Alakazam (Level 70, Hardy, UT)
10 ANIV (American) ID 00010 Absol (Level 70, Rash, UT)

You need anything else? Perhaps a 5th Gen Event?
Because I haven't found a cloing AR code that works from my legit Japanese Black I'm not offering out the Gen 5 Events at the moment. Hopefully once it is out in the UK, there will be a code I can use. If not then I'll be quiting trading for events. Still, there are a few more Gen 4 Events I want (mainly for the Hell of it) unless you know of a cloning code that works that I could try.

I have Events over 2 game carts so please just add both FCs to trade with me. That way, you canít be wrong!
Main Game with most Events: 4941 2808 5719
Other one with about 100 Events on it: 3051 4947 9950.