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Default Re: G_R7's Event Shop with 600+ Events!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Haha, no I meant so I could get the other 10 Aniv Absol seeing as you only need 1 Suicune that I could offer you something else you might need or want. I was offering you a 5th Gen Event for it.

So IE like you traded me the 2 10 Aniv on a 4th Gen game for Suicune and a junk. And then I gave you a 5th Gen Event for a junk poke from your 5th Gen game.
Fair enough. In that case, what do you have from Gen 5 to offer?

I have Events over 2 game carts so please just add both FCs to trade with me. That way, you canít be wrong!
Main Game with most Events: 4941 2808 5719
Other one with about 100 Events on it: 3051 4947 9950.