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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
The only thing I’m concerned about this kind of power is bunnying, but if the RPers aren’t directly affected by it, then it should be fine. NPCs, however, can be still drawn toward it.
Well, it's supposed to be a very indirect and subtle sort of power, again like the One Ring. Imperial RPers would just feel a strong devotion to their Emperor and fight extra-hard because of it.

Sounds fine, I think that definitely still works. I guess I thought the Empire was still a very strong and dominant world power, but now, I see that while they’re stronger than the Resistance, they’ve lost a lot of their power, and are struggling to take it back from the Ara’kaiz.

As for the resistance, since they still have the legendaries, I guess you’re right that they still have hope, even though their survival depends greatly on how much the Empire and the Ara’kaiz focus on each other and ignore what the fragmented resistance is doing. Also, to make sure people don’t jump on taking legendaries so swiftly and easily, you could require that if they take a legendary Pokémon as a character, that legendary has to start off seriously wounded and/or crippled in one way or another (deafness, blindness, possible limb amputation, and so on), whereas humans that are a part of the resistance wouldn’t be required to do that.
That sounds like a good idea, the crippled thing I mean. Would balance out the faction quite nicely.

Just in case, you could say it was completely decimated in the initial attack, that some kind of Ara’kaiz superweapon (that’s gone too now) destroyed it and leveled it completely. One example is the Ara’kaiz used a void/oblivion displacement superweapon on it, and all that remains of Unova is essentially a hole of oblivion that consumes the existence of anything that flies into it. Thankfully, said Void Superweapon was completely destroyed before it was used a second time.
Ah, yeah that would work. Thanks for the idea.

I have Tiberium Wars (not installed on this machine right now, I’m looking into buying a new computer because the processor on this thing is awful and has had issues lately), but I don’t have Kane’s Wrath. I also haven’t played TW for at least a year by now (replaced mostly by Starcraft II), so I’d be badly out of practice. :P

It’s a really decent game, though every time I’ve played with my brother, we’ve harvested and burned out all the Tiberium fields on the map very, very quickly and many times we’ve hit near-stalemates because of it. Other than that repeating issue, the game is fantastic.
Sounds like you ecoboom and turtle too much XD My 1v1 and 2v2 games usually ended long before running out of tiberium on the entire map was an issue. Also, I haven't played in over a year either, so we'd be pretty fair on that front. I was pretty good back in the day though, was ranked top 200 in the 2v2 ladder on KW at a point.

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