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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by dualismlover View Post
Golly, things sure have gotten exciting here haven't they. Man, thanks to this thread, I've managed to edit much of my plot to something more ornate with a darker twist. Lots of political reasons behind it too.

But, I've managed to hit a major wall. My friends have walked up to me, asking about the Type racism evident in the above quote of my "RP". Then, my genius friend asks me quickly: "What about dual-type Pokemon?" Those with two types...

I went like all, "Oh, crap..."

I have a major question for you guys on this thread. Above on the quote thing is a chart that lists the "hierarchy" of Pokemon types in the isolated nation of Sententia. However, what would happen if there were those with two types, and they were radically different.

E.X.: Lucario: Fighting/Steel type. Steel is way up near the top, while Fighting is second-lowest. How would he fit in society?

On a second note, for all of you guys who might want to play this RP. Some of my friends have warned me that some people might be offended by several elements of this RP. Since most of the creations have had basis off of often controversial historical events and stereotypes, I was just wondering if any of you might get offended? I do not want to make anyone here angry, you guys are all very nice here on these threads.

I have just created my little "artifact" known as "Manhattan", that plays a major role in the RP. I threw a whole lot of political undertones and hints of genocide associated with the item. The "Manhattan" itself was actually based off the Atomic bomb, which held the same codename "Manhattan" while it was being created in the U.S. to be dropped on Japan.

The plot itself in the RP thing above might offend other people too. There is a pretty thin allusion to the 9/11 World Trade Center with the conspiracy theory that the government itself had planned it the whole time, and other asides to fanatical cults of "lower races" and the Nazi allusion of "Pure Race" of the Upper types, as well as relations to Communism of corrupt government leaders.

I know it sounds silly to be asking such a question, since this is merely just an RP, but I seriously am worried that someone might get offended by the material on this RP. I've heard stories about people getting banned for putting such stuff online. And I don't want that to happen here. Most other people like to put fantastical elements, or post-apocalyptic or things that are generally to "out-there" to get people mad. However, I threw in plenty of things to try and make my RP more realistic that can easily hit home with some people out there.

Do you think this material is too offensive?

(P.S. Constructive criticism of the RP is much appreciated as well.)
Actually, I was going to ask you about the Stereotype structure.

First off, Isn't it odd that Ice Types are put almost on top of the structure for being rare? Isn't rarity for Pokemon in human terms, which Pokemon do not care for that much, or really at all? I'd lower them to...About the level of Water or Fire types.

Second off, as per any Pokemon in general, I suppose that there could be exceptions to the racial sceme based off a specific Pokemon's abilities. Lucario and Riolu, In Example, can see and control the aura, something that borders on Psychic abilities. That could really bloster their rank in society. If stuff like that isn't taken into account, I'd put them at the same level as the city they were born in. For example, A Rotom born in Vi Clero would be treated as an Electric type, but if he was born in Daiesta, he'd be treated as a Ghost type. If he was randomly born in, persay, Galapil, then he'd be treated as the lower caste (Ghost).

If that doesn't work for you, than just say any Pokemon would be put in the highest or lowest Caste that it's type allows for. That would mean that a Meditite would automatically be treated as a Psychic type regardless of it being part Fighting type too, or vice-versa.

I love the current storyline, though WHERE the peices of Manhatten are should be addressed. If not, then one person could easily RP the peices into being in, persay, Halcitta, Vi Clero, Daiesta, and Jus Livas, but another person could also easily RP the peices into being in Fialem, Mawerk, Radivian, and Kon Tis. Where are the peices?

One more thing-Who are the corrupt members of Kon Tis'es government, and who are the good members? I'd love that information. It's obvious that the Normal type member is corrupt, personally, because all the social rasicim wouldn't affect him as much as every other type. Moreover, who are the Members? Again, knowing the species of the members would help.

I'm not insulted by the whole thing going on with the plot. In fact, I would LOVE to play this RP. Make the SU, and I'll join.

Oh, mispelled 'Fuzed,' it should be 'Fused.' And 'Fuzes' Should be 'Fuses.' Just so you know!
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