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Basis, off of the city they were born in...That's actually a whole lot better than what I had in mind. Really great suggestion L-R, I'll see to try and put that into account. My original idea was actually extremely fuzzy, with your lower idea of basis off of highest/lowest type. But it didn't just seem to "click" in my head on that idea. It makes it so much easier to create characters then, just state their city of birth and "poof!" they got their rank!

The Ice types...well, they were the ones I genuinely had the most trouble with, along with Bug types to give a social ranking...Nothing in society really personified them that well. Anyway, here's my revamped Racial Hierarchy:

Social Heirarchy: From Highest to Lowest

Normal- Middle Ground

Yes, and I have decided to follow your "exceptions" concept you brought up R-L. Lucario and his species, with aura abilities constantly keep their Steel ranking, regardless of city of birth. Same goes for other Pokemon with special abilities outside their normal type.

The Eevees and their evolution have become another exception as a chat with my friend coerced me to do. Since the fact that one normal type can become multiple different other types when they evolve, the Eeveelutions actually keep their original rank of Normal, regardless of type evolution. This good and bad, notable for Umbreons and Espeons respectively, although when it comes to wealth, the Eeveelutions still hold true to the status quo. This is countered by the Eevees creating their own little neighborhoods, akin to the immigrants during the late 1800's. They huddle and group together in whole blocks of their kind, and help each other out. Like many European, Asian and Hispanic, immigrants, lots of Eevees hold the same last name (Like Smith, Lopez, or Nguyen). A common joke among Pokemon is that with Eevees: "You know you're an Eevee when your cousin, your uncle, your cousin's uncle, your uncle's cousin, and your cousin's cousin, all live on the same street."

Ditto became another exception. Since it can copy another Pokemon and imitate it, despite being normal type, the Dittos have been shunned by much of society to the level of Dark or Ghost types. It's due to the fact that they can assume any Pokemon's form that they are regarded as "wanting to improve their status", and shrugged off as social climbers.

As for "Manhattan" (Man-hadn't), the pieces locations actually were chosen already.

The Orb: Hidden in a totally surprising location: literally on the underside of the Sunlit Bridge of Halcitta (Sunlit Bridge is like the Golden Gate Bridge). It is hidden in a small sealed off section of the underside of the bridge that looks like the rest of the bridge (think, in the concrete). The Dragon-types have put a protective seal on it to prevent the container from being damaged, plus, who would even dream of damaging a national landmark? Literally no one knows of its locations and the Dragon-types held in charge of it, keep it with their lives. They believe that no one should even come close to it, fearing that only bad things can come of its use. Plus, the guardians are Dragonite, Salamance, and Garchomp, will fight to keep it safe. No one even knows they are guardians as well: just ordinary priests or nuns at the cathedral, in the only city that accepts Homosexuals (they gladly marry people regardless of sexual preferece). Religious members wouldn't keep such a secret would they?

The Gold Disc Half: This part is sadly so easy to spot, but yet so out of grasp. It has become part of the Ball in the Titanium Square (Times Square), that drops every New Year. It's so small though, no one can see it from afar, plus it is actually inside the ball itself. And all the Pokemon working on the ball have no idea it actually is a piece of history, they use it as a much needed conductor to light up the ball. To get it, one would have to either get permission from the mayor, or try to take it, which would make them a terrorist for attacking such an item in the city.

The Platinum Disc Half: Truly lost to history, the platinum half has been caged in the massive underground ruins of Amonter, underneath the streets from which Liberty was fought for. It is hidden in a maze-like, once lost ancient test site where "Manhattan" was first created, several miles below the ground. Wild Pokemon now swarm the area to become a new home. To find it, one would have to decipher ancient clues in famous landmarks scattered all over historical sites (like Da Vinci code), and avoid all the booby traps once set by the original developers to protect the area from being discovered.

The Instruction Manual: It is unknown how it got there, but the manual for using the device is actually located in the very place one would first look for it: Kon Tis, the national Government. It is hidden in the top secret, classified section of the CIA department, where literally hundreds of armed guards watch over the place, with security cameras and whatnot. The clues to the location are actually little runes on the side of the pages of oldest and largest copy of "Pokemon Fairy Tales", held in the national library, that must be translated into old Unown script (no one would think of putting runes there). The CIA knows it has possession of the item, but does not know what it is either. They keep it in a vault with constant surveillance, as it is deemed, a "shady artifact", that a lot of Pokemon seem to want.

On the note of the Government officials, L-R, I haven't created exactly who they are yet. I'll tell them to you once I am done. The only one I have so far is Vaporeon: mayor of Platina and government representative of the city. He's actually supposed to be an important NPC, who regularly contacts the good guys to inform them of any clues on the artifact, or warn them of the coming deadline when the corrupt officials will ask for complete power.

The trick with him though is, you have to prove to Vaporeon that you are worthy of receiving his assistance. Most of the time he acts like a tourist, happy-go-lucky, singing songs and welcoming people to Platina to spend time at the resort (Platina has the largest resort in the country, enough to hold about 500,000 guests). No one would suspect he is in on such a complex ordeal. However, in reality, this Vaporeon is a master at Water-type attacks and holds affiliates with nearly every Eeveelution in the country. He's like a "Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass". While he seems to be an ADD kid, in reality Vaporeon is constantly on the scour for possible allies, while posing as Mr. Sunshine as split side of his personality to get possible candidates to deduce that he isn't really as shallow as he seems. When he does get into battle (he's very hard to convince, all about having fun), he is relentless and merciless, creating and controlling water to bend to his whim, much akin to Waterbending in the Avatar series. One would have to prove that he is both one of the good members, and can defeat him in battle to prove that they can handle such a task. He doesn't fight the corrupt officials despite his power though, he is worried about the safety of his city: if he attacked the corrupt officials, they would accuse the whole city of treachery. Instead, if you can ally with him, Vaporeon will both ally with give you free nights in some of the best suites in the Resort. And with a beach, massive pools, TWO amusement parks (one water, one regular), 800 shops and restaurants, world class dining, an indoor canal with gondolas, a massive casino and the largest spa in the country...who can say no to that?!

Thanks for your advice Latio-Reol, you helped me loads like NeoPikachu earlier back. And it's rather flattering to be given such a nice compliment to join an RP by a Master trainer!

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