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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Yhea, Dualisimlover...The whole Idea was good, but Neo brings up a good point-The plot needs to be reworked. The Caste System is good, the Artifact is good, but Currently, the plot is...Erk....Two Ideas-Either work out the plot so that there's more player flexibility, or 'hide' the plot.

Neo-It WAS your idea to go the Government Corruption route. Plus, we worked out the Stereotype system.

Basically, City of Birth determines it for dual type Pokemon. If the City of Birth for a Joltik was Vi Clero, then it would be in the Electric type Caste (as Vi Clero is the Electric Type city). However, if the Joltik was born in Helberg-the Bug Type city-then it will be treated as a Bug Type. In the case scenario that it was born anywhere else, then Joltik would be in the Lower Caste (Bug).

Special traits also apply. Lucario's Ability to control Aura will grant it Steel Type Respect, regardless of city of birth. Eevee's and their Evolutions are all treated as Normal Types, and cluster together in small communities. Ditto are seen at a level similar to Ghost and Dark types. There are a few others here and there that also have special rules. For instance, I'd assume Government officials to be treated much better than regular citizens of the same type.

The Type Caste has also changed. Ice is between Water and Fire now. So the order, from highest to lowest, is now Psychic-Dragon-Electric-Steel-Flying-Water-Ice-Fire-Normal-Rock-Grass-Ground-Dark-Ghost-Bug-Fighting-Poison. Dualisimlover and I gave insight into it, If you read the two posts above your own.

Oh, yes, Dualisimlover...Although I don't mean to offend you in any way by saying this, Neo is right, a good fanfic can be derived from this, and I'd be happy to invest some time in one. If that's OK with you, of course!
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