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Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post

Methinks there is a God.

Well, God can't answer all prayers. God will answer yes or no, won't answer at all, or will provide you with something else He thinks is better for you in His scheme of things. His plan for the world may not be perfect to us, but it's the best possible way for things to unfold. Don't rule me out as the typical Christian. Yes, people die. People starve. People suffer. After death, you go to Heaven or the Lake of Fire (I don't believe in Hell, or Hel as they call it in Norse mythology; yes, Hell is a pagan concept, popular Christians!), and that's that. Case closed. You believe in God or you don't, and you accept Jesus or you don't. No, I don't know about aborted babies or people who were never exposed to Christianity, but I'd be willing to bet that aborted babies go straight to Heaven or may be reborn (since somewhere in the Bible states that life officially begins a month after the baby is born) and that Jesus would give unexposed people a second chance of some sort, since He did give a second chance to people in what used to be Purgatory (but now does not exist; yes, it is a Catholic concept, but they believe it still exists), since Jesus came after all of the other humans that died over the course of the past few hundreds of thousands of years. As you can tell, I have a very, very different view of Christianity than most believers, but I can tell you that more nonbelievers I've met have had more tolerance of my beliefs. I'm mostly pro-choice (though I wouldn't do it if I were a woman; I just support the freedom), I believe in evolution, and I do believe - to an extent - that religion and science can go along hand-in-hand.

Regarding scientific proof, if God created science (and I do believe He did), then wouldn't he be able to use it to cloak himself and render himself unprovable? The only possible proof is infinity, and even we can't prove that.
But if there IS a God of some sort, he ALWAYS ignores me.

I might start my own little religion: The Church of Arceus!
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