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Default Re: Shop till you drop trade shop

Hm, i'd like to trade you for your shiny Sinjou Ruins Giratina. Would you like any of the following shinies for it?

Shiny Japanese Shinx (UT)
Shiny Mudkip (Lv. 6, BT)
Shiny Chansey (UT)
Shiny Dialga (UT, Modest)

My claims: Bayleef, Mawile

Currently playing: Pokemon Black Version and La Pucelle Ragnarok

I caught my first D/P Shiny: A Graveler Female Naughty natured on Iron Island while training my newest team! 7/16/08

I caught my first B/W Shiny: A Joltik Male Jolly natured while progressing through the story! 3/9/11

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