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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
I honestly don't believe maurders should have stimpack, makes stim running into bio counters, such as collosi a bit too easy.

ALSO, HTs do pwn in PvZ simply because roach/hydra is very weak to storms. :')
What would our terran buddies do without stim packs? I actually think that this should have been done instead of buffing building HP though. I would think that making concussive shells requiring factory would also help with the problem.

I would however like to point out that the problem unit is the marine. It is by far the best mineral dump of the 3 races (and Terran has 2 mineral dumps in hellion and marine, but hellions aren't that big of a problem in comparison), can be produced doubly with reactors, have 2 major upgrades in combat shield and stim, can shoot (ranged) and shoots UP, and is the most effective when amassed out of the 3 races' mineral dumps. A huge ball of marines should be able to beat a huge ball of zealots/zerglings of the same mineral count if they aren't surrounded. This means that the lower level 1a strats will always allow the marines to come out on top. Heck, we have pros who make a living out of using just marines (I'm looking at you, Rain and MKP).

HT's don't pwn roach hydra nearly as much as MM because of stim and roaches' much higher HP. I'd just prefer colossi over it anyway. It is true that if you catch a hydra in a storm, it's dead, though.

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
Well to be honest the whole idea to roach hydra is that the roaches tank the damage and the hydras do the dps to counter the immortals making the roaches go pop. Hydras are glass cannons in general so when the storm drops they melt away (thank goodness). Lately I've been impressed with the durability of the roaches with that tanking ability of theirs. Once you get enough of them with burrow they are acid spitting steam rollers.

And I can't concur more. Marauders already have an ability to slow units down why would they need to speed themselves up? Plus in the company of marines its already tough to fight a big enough ball.
They stim so they can kill buildings 50% faster during a harassment. This means you only need 1 full medivac to effectively kill off one key tech building instead of needing 2. I think this is one of the main reasons why they haven't taken stim out of marauders. Unfortunately, the other races generally don't have as big of an advantage in that area.

Immortals are pretty much never roach counters because of hydra; one is better off with colossi and HT's. roaches have a natural 1 armour I believe, which helps a lot.

Roaches: It's true that they're very impressive. Almost too impressive. Usually I practice with an insane comp to sharpen my mechanics, and there when it's against zerg, I can always expect the 7-roach push at the 5-minute mark almost without fail. Even when I expect it it still kills me sometimes if I'm not paying enough attention and let a stray marine die or forget to make the extra marine or two. I don't even think a 7-roach push at the 5 minute mark is even possible without sacrificing huge amounts of economy. o_O
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