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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
did you know that insane AIs have a huge mineral bonus at the start of the game :o

they get enough to make a spawning pool right from the start I heard
As far as I know, they just have double the income per worker.

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
Considering this place is about learning, I thought I'd upload a replay of a general game for me:
I play decently, after the first push my macro dips very very much, but that was kinda because I knew I'd won, it was on ladder against a plat, so feel free to express your concerns and opinions.
Also yes, my zerg is very greedy, that isn't going to change. xD

And on the mineral dump point, i can uberly outmacro an opponant and still have 3k minerals, I don't throw down extra hatcherys because really I don't need to, as a zerg you shouldn't be too concerned with higher minerals until even masters, in my opinion.

Also MMM is too strong with stimmed maruarders vs a toss going collosi, but I don't play anything other than zerg atm, maurder viking is a very strong counter to all toss play.

EDIT: I should also point out roaches are my favourite unit.
I'll take a look at it when I have time. I may not be very strong a player, but my analytical skills are much higher. lol

In general an auxillary hatch is usually a good idea in the late game scenario, since you tend to miss injects a lot more often.

Watched replay:
General comments:
Hotkey setup needs work. Hotkey your queens so you can do shift-V click click click on hatches. Your macro slipped several times, mostly due to you being in battle. You should work on queen injects a bit more as you were missing quite a few. Your creep spread was non-existent. If your opponent decided to go phoenix/VR, you would have been boned. I must admit that macro-macro-macro is a good thing though.

Early game:
You were really greedy once you saw the forge. Be careful as some protoss would have done a 1 lot 1 stalker pressure at this point in time and you would have basically taken massive economic damage. You were missing a queen on your main for quite a while. I recommend getting at least a pair of lings to hold the watch towers.
Your scouting drone: what were you looking for? I noticed that you only caught a glimpse of stuff on the front (forge/gate), but didn't check the number of probes in the area. Also, you technically could have hidden the drone in the vents for later scouting instead of having to suicide the overlord later on in the game.

Mid game:
Leave a zergling on the third to know exactly when your opponent is thinking about expanding. Hold watch towers for as long as you possibly can. Upgrade faster and earlier.

Late game:
Your opponent did a grand total of 1 push and sunk most of his cash into colossi, which is why your corruptors did all that (he didn't have enough stalkers). Not much else to say, since you pretty much rolled over him once the BLs were out.

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