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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
Yeah my overall general play is preety greedy, but thats fine by me, once I see a forge I feel preety safe.
I normally grab the towers, no excuse to why I didnt really.
The hotkeys were a bit messed up, I know hatch's normally go on 4 or something but I will ALWAYS stick to 1, I used that in bronze now im so used to it that it doesnt bother me.
Also this isn't my top game, it's just a decent game I had where i did okay, I'll be sure to post more replays if I play some interesting games.
Hotkeys: it doesn't matter HOW you hotkey them. It only matters that you do use them as much as possible. Stick to what you're used to is my recommendation. I know there's a pro that does 1 hatch, 2 hatch, 3/4 queen, army for rest.

My hotkey setup:
1/2 army, 3 scout, 4 hatch, 5 queen, 6-9 (I need to use them...), 0 scouting overlord/overseer
This is pretty common for a hotkey setup, but I trained myself to start with this setup so I stuck with it. HOTKEY YOUR QUEENS. What I do is this: 5, shift-V, click, click (on hatches on the minimap) --> two larva injects without even going to the screen. Train yourself to do this and you'll be a lot more efficient on your injects. Even now I haven't managed to do it, but it is known to be a good set up.

An alternative is instead of hotkeying all of your queens together like I do, hotkey them separately. This way you do something like 5,5,v,6,6,v (5/6 for your queens in main and natural). This is good for the first 2 hatches and even the 3rd hatch (on 7), but it gets harder the more you do it. HOWEVER, this set up is stronger if you use auxillary hatches because you can't click on the minimap for auxillary hatches without being really precise.

So I would recommend you do something similar, like perhaps 1 hatch, 2 queen, 3 scout, 4-6 army, 0 scouting overlord/overseer. Just remember to hotkey those queens!

btw, consider getting an early 3rd queen for creep spreading. They're also a great safeguard against FE into VR, banshee rush, early blue flame hellions, etc.

Top game or not, you wanted a critique so I gave you one. I think it's a good thing to have some critique on yourself if you plan on being good. You're not like me, who can't spend time to train and don't really care that I'm in like gold.
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