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Default Re: Have you gotten Pokerus?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I found it in Diamond while I was in Mt Coronet xD Surprising since I hadn't found a Shiny yet...

My brother also found it in Silver version a long, long time ago. Back then there was really no info on it around which inspired me to start researching it myself. I actually thought it might have been some kind of weird glitch at first. xD
That's quite interesting. In my entire gaming lifetime of pokemon, I bumped into 3 shinies and 1 pokerus in total. Ironically 2 of the shinies were geodude (the last was a magikarp >.<). o_O

It worked out, since I wanted a pokerus pokemon in my SS game when I killed that graveler. Now I'm spreading that pokerus like it's the plague.