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Default Re: Shop till you drop trade shop

Originally Posted by ghostrat View Post
i would like the darkrai to finish my pokedex. i can only supply at the time a level 26+ riolu or a level 31 crown raikou

fc: 4083 4298 3731

game name: Draco
Originally Posted by Master Pro0505 View Post
If the shiny Geodude, shiny Munchlax, shiny Bidoof, and shiny Pinsir are all UT I can trade you my:

shiny Lv 16 gastly
shiny Lv 3 magikarp
shiny Lv 28 voltorb
shiny Lv 29 ditto

Im also interested in your shiny Ev'd Scizor for my legit shiny Lv 100 Ev'd Darkrai(stats 343,189,211,248,208,365)
Originally Posted by MichaelArch View Post
My shiney adamant lv 100 eved armaldo for your shiney eved modest magnezone?

Sorry but i do not need anything of what you all are offering.