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Default URPG Feb. 2011 Quiz

URPG February Quiz: 2011

Simple concept: You answer questions, we give you money.

Before taking the quiz, there are a few things that would be advantageous to know:
1. Do not post your answers in this thread. DON'T DO IT.
2. Send all quiz answers to me in ONE PM with the same title as this thread; URPG Feb. 2011 Quiz
3. When answering the Quiz, only leave the Question number and the answer.
25: B
4. All quiz answers are due at 0:00 March 5th GMT -6.

Also keep in mind...

Originally Posted by Jack
*This is a quiz for you. DO NOT ask for help from anyone, and anyone that is asked DO NOT help them. If I find that you got help and/or cheated, you will lose the amount of money from your stats that you would have won. If you donít have enough money, it will be something else then. You may also never take any other quizes again. It's not worth cheating!
So yeah, don't cheat you or we'll find you and remove your head from your being in a manner most unpleasant.

With that, I leave you to your business. Enjoy your money! ... Err... Quiz! :<

*For those of you who haven't figured it out, the quiz is in that spoiler...

Video Games: B/W

1. Which pair of names aren't an ability's Japanese and US Name?
A. JP: Dust-Proof, US: Overcoat
B. JP: Telepathy, US: Telekinesis
C. JP: Healing Heart, US: Healer
D. JP: Encourage, US: Sheer Force

2. Which of the following Pokemon are not available for capture in both Black and White?
A. Breloom
B. Conkeldurr
C. Archeops
D. Chinchou

Video Games: Assorted Games

3. In Pokemon Pinball for Gameboy Color, which location had its name spelled wrong?
A. Silph Co.
B. Fuschia City
C. Lavender Town
D. Cerulean City

4. True of False: Koffing cannot be captured wild in Pokemon Yellow?


5. During which episode did Team Rocket use a Zapdos robot?
A. Episode 510
B. Episode 30
C. Episode 314
D. Episode 405

6. What is the name of the Orange League Crew Leader at Pummelo island?
A. Drake
B. Brago
C. Keith
D. Roderigo


7. In the EX EMERALD booster pack, how much HP did Hariyama have?
A. 110
B. 120
C. 80
D. 100

URPG History:

8. Who on this list was never a Leader of URPG?
A. Jack of Clovers
B. Loyal Arcanine
C. Lil Leprechaun33
D. Tamer San

9. Who was the first URPG Champion?
A. Figgy
B. NintendoFreak2000
C. El Ultimo Pendejo
D. Marth

10. Where/How did URPG originate?
A. It had its own forum/message boards called simply named URPG
B. As a Yahoo Group
C. On PE2K
D. It was created on the 4th day


11. On which course in Pokemon Snap can Charizard be found and how do you make him appear?
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