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Default Re: A WAR Proposition?

Originally Posted by Phantasm.Angel View Post
I would to like to know more details about this before giving an opinion, but I think that it could be a good idea, possibly drawing in people who otherwise might not be interested in the WAR.
I talked with Paperfairy last night on AIM regarding this, and from what he told me, he wants to attempt to turn the PE2K War into something new and different, but also allow it to retain some of its original characteristics.

Usually the War involves roughly five or six teams, and the members of those teams compete in sections such as URPG, graphic art, role play, creative writing, fan fiction, and several others on a weekly basis. Winning entries get points, and at the end of the War, the team with the most points wins. Earlier Wars lasted over ten weeks, but for the last few years, we’ve reduced that amount to roughly four weeks. Meanwhile, we usually hold the War during the summer, when most people have the extra time to take part and in most cases, school won’t interfere.

Paperfairy wants to add an additional dynamic to this set up, which has been attempted in the past. During War Season III, we used the board game Risk as an inspiration, and we created maps based on the various Pokémon regions. The game Risk used dice rolls to determine the outcome of successful attacks/defends, but we instead used URPG battles. Points that were earned by the teams were instead used as currency to purchase various abilities that affected game play on the map itself. It worked well for a few weeks, but later on, it ran into unexpected complications. There were times when URPG battlers didn’t show up for a scheduled battle, which raised the question of what should happen in such a situation. Meanwhile, not everyone was a URPG battler, but the teams that had the lion’s share of strong, veteran URPG battlers found themselves as the MVPs of the team, which was arguably unfair. Another complication was the fact teams could be completely eliminated from the War, which disheartened a few members, especially the ones that got eliminated early.

Last night, he came to me and I pretty much gave him all the disadvantages and advantages of changing the War in this way. But I feel it might be a good idea to lay down a basic groundwork of considerations that need to be reflected when approaching this.
  • Consider how long this might take. How many rounds of play might be involved, and how often will these rounds take place? If you have a lot of possible rounds and these rounds will only be played once a week, you’re looking at a pretty long and extensive War, which may not be such a good idea.
  • When considering using already existing games as an inspiration, such as Risk, think about how the game needs to translate from being a board game toward being on a message board context. Unlike a board game where all your players are gathered around and ready to play, message boards involve people not always being present at all times, so rounds/moves will take longer to complete to accommodate this. You also need to factor what kinds of roles people have, who are the main players (you obviously can’t have 40+ people playing Risk all at the same time), who can help support the team, and what happens in the event of someone being inactive.
  • Consider all the mechanics of the game, and if there are any means that can be exploited or any loopholes that may exist. Would play-testing need to be involved?
  • Also, how do the teams participate? Does everyone get a fair chance at doing at least something to help the team, or does the game’s format run the risk of having benchwarmers who never get the chance to take part due to lack of skill or “rookie” status?

I brought up most of these points to Paperfairy last night, and he felt it would be a good idea if he opened up the floor to everyone else to share their thoughts about the War and what are the possible ways it can be modified or changed to allow for innovative dynamics. Last night, we didn’t come to anything truly conclusive, and at this point, any suggestion, idea, or approach could be considered.

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