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Default Re: A WAR Proposition?

I suppose it would have to depend on the dynamic of the game. I don't really think another Risk inspiration would go over well if it failed before, unless it were changed a lot. If it were something like a Mario Party set-up, where the normal WAR categories acted as the mini-games do earning additional points, you could have each team leader act as the game piece deciding how to move around the board. Have a roll to move around the board once or twice a week and at the end give extra points for different things like most activity, space covered or least progress made, that kind of stuff.

The problem, for any kind of board based WAR game, would be that the board would have to be designed. Whether it's a map like Risk or an actual board game with spaces to jump to, it would need set up. And, if you're gonna use a spaces-board, there would have to be helpful and hurtful spaces thought up. It would all be pretty involved if it's gonna be attempted.

That's just my opinion, though. ^^'
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