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Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
I've only said it hasn't worked because no one has done it following how Marx saw it occurring. The Communist Manifesto is a timeline to how governments gradually will become communist. It goes Agrarianism, Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. Russia failed because they went from Feudalism to Communism in a single step. I'm not even referring to "communism" because that general idea got warped in the eighties and is used to describe the Russian failed communism attempt. I'm referring to "marxism" the gradual formation of the society that so many alleged "followers" put to high esteem and failed to create because of the fact that they can't even follow directions.

And much to my surprise there are communist communities existing today. The only thing they deviate from is the fact that they are religious communities. The Dalai Lama's community of monks is a good example they work for the progress of the community and each member of that society is socially equal with the rest. They are doing exactly what he said would happen: there is no need for authoritative control, everyone holds the same social stance, everyone despite their differences is equal to one another.

And for those arguing that no one is equal Marx referred to everyone being socially equal, not economically, not physically, but socially equal. And really there would be no economy once the full realization occurred because its a self sustained community.
As I gave evidence for before, a true Marxist society would live in utter poverty. As for the religious communities, they are not self-sustaining and require input from those outside of the system. Hence they also require inequality to function. Furthermore, the state of poverty (albeit wanted poverty) they live in is untenable for the long-term survival of the human species. And of course, a society without an economy is a society living in poverty. So yeah, Marx's dream means the destruction of about 2000 years of cultural and technological advancement, which is hardly desirable.

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