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Default Re: Political views?

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
Expand on what you mean by getting input from an outside source means there is social inequality in that society please.

By no economy I'm referring to no need for money. Food, clothing, shelter can all be gathered and amassed without spending a dime(and no not stealing either). Having no money may be poverty in a capitalist eye but according to Marx communism would spread around the globe meaning there would be no capitalism to view the society in poverty. So a world of humans sustaining their communities without using money because there no longer is any need for money is still poverty (they would have a means of support within their own system)?
They get food, construction supplies, etc. from outside their commune. Hence, there are those who are not their social equals providing them with necessary resources without which their existence would be impossible.

And by utter poverty I mean no electricity, no developed transportation system, no running water, a life where your primary concern is getting enough food to put on your table. Aka, the removal of 2000 years of technological development. Large-scale agriculture and developed infrastructure, not to mention intellectual and technological development, are all dependent on effective organization to maintain. That organization cannot be maintained if there are no organizers, which there wouldn't be in a perfectly equal society since giving anyone the power to organize gives them more power than the next person. Civilization cannot exist without organization, organization cannot exist without inequality. Thus a Marxist society lives in abject poverty.

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