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Default Re: VPP Johto - Heart & Soul

Originally Posted by arcemegus View Post
What i think the new thread needs is a kind of raffle like in the Claims Thread. I mean like we can have a special pokemon up for grabs and if we fulfill the requirements to participate in the raffle (i.e. We have a pokémon of x-type or x species) we can reserve the offered pokemon. It also gives more opportunites to claim legendaries, whether or not they are inside or outside Hoenn.

EDIT: I wonder why the Breeder Stats was destickied
I don't think we should have a chance to claim legendaries outside of the specified region we're in. It just doesn't seem right.
Originally Posted by Silver Slasher View Post
Name: Eric
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Pokémon: I think I'll take a Machop.
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Enjoy your Machop! Don't forget to make a stats post, etc. etc. :)

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